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24 Inch Metal Butcher Shop Sign

Meet Your Meat Psst. Don't go into that meat market.

There's something off about its butcher. Also, we've noticed that the people who go in rarely come out again - and if they do, they're usually missing a limb or two.

Product Details Send a gory warning by setting out with this 24" Metal Butcher Shop Sign Decoration! The vintage-looking sign is printed with images of two cleavers next to the words "Butcher Shop: Fresh Human Cuts Daily.

" The whole sign is streaked with orange-red details to look like oozing bloodstains.


4 Piece Mustache Kit

When Are You From? Finding the perfect facial hair to match your style can be a huge pain.

You spend all those days and weeks growing the hair just so you can cut them all back again. Then, when you dont like the style anymore, you have to regrow them all again!

It is an endless cycle of futility and loss. That is why we here at Halloweencostumes.

com have come up with this classy, cool, and counterfeit Mustache Kit. Whenever you feel like it is time to make a change in your style, it is as easy as tearing the old one off and sticking the new one on!

Need to look like a nineteenth century inventor? Check!

How about a boat captain from old Mississippi? Youve got it!

To be honest, you really cant go wrong with these great choices. Hairy Situation Instead of growing your own, we highly recommend you try this Mustache kit.

The four different styles will change any outfit or costume you pair them with to create cool and new combinations that will blow you away. Not only are the styles different and amazing, but having the ability to change the color of your facial hair will wow those around you as well.

You will love looking like you can grow the cool mustache of your dreams!

Adult Conductor Costume Hat Accessory

So you're into trains, are you? Us too!

We love trains. Passenger trains, coal, battery, maglev, monorail, steam, real, model, toy.


doesn't matter what the type, we're totally on board (get it? On board?

). And since we are fanboys and fangirls of the train variety, we feel the need to inform you of your gross misconduct.

We are nearly offended that you, as a train fan, don't own a conductor hat. How can you possibly send new model trains on maiden voyages without a conductor's hat?

How can you ask people to board the rail, and demand their tickets without one?!

It's practically heresy. But, fear not.

We have just the right Conductor Hat for you. It's rigid in blue with a gold trim and patent leather brim.

It'll be perfect for all your conducting needs. With this on?

Everyone will listen when you scream "All aboard!"

$14.99 $24.99

Adult Deep Sea Diver Costume

In the depths of the Atlantic, the shipwreck of an ancient warship awaits. Unknown to many, it's filled with immeasurable treasure.

Whereas we might expect a more practical person to hire a rescue/recovery crew to help them out, we have a feeling you're more of a lone-wolf type. The kind that will find your own gear, get your hands dirty, and go down into the deep yourself.

That's cool, we respect that. But your hypothetical hunt for treasure isn't just going to be a swim in the kiddie pool.

There's someone else after the treasure too. Some Bond bad-guy type, yes, including the weird accessories and pet.

And you can bet your butt he's got hit men at all the scuba stores and he's watching all the recovery teams. So if you're going for this thing, you'll have to go under the radar.

And that means old-school. When we say "old-school" we mean something along the lines of our Adult Deep Sea Diver Costume.

This outfit is shiny and gold (you don't have much of a choice, this was all that antique collector had) with the antique-style fish-bowl helmet with wire cage over the face. The antique guy said it should work for the depths you need.

Now go out there and get that treasure! We'll wait in anticipation for the inevitable, big, ending-scene fight.


Adult Energized Inventor Gloves

These are Adult Energetic Inventor Gloves.

Adult Plus Size TSA Costume Shirt for Men

It's Plane to See No one likes the airport security lines. They're stressful.

They're intimidating. And who wants to take off their shoes in public.


especiallywhen you've been travel-stress sweating all day. But you've got to hand it to the TSA agents.


no, we don't mean your plastic bag of 3.4 ounces or less liquids!

We're talking about recognition, you've got to give props to the TSA agents. These agents have to go through the weirdthings people pack in their carry-ons, they have to pat down people in an awkwardly public setting, and they even have to tell people to throw out that bottle of juice they just bought or the fancy bottle of perfume.

That never goes over well, takes a tough character! Details & Design Exclusively designed by Halloweencostumes.

com, this plus-sized TSA uniform shirt is an instant costume that'll make it easy to get into character. The shirt features dignified lapels on the shoulders and chest pockets so you've got an authoritative look as soon as you've buttoned up your look.

On the Fly Finish off this outfit with a pair of blue safety gloves. When you're dressed as a TSA agent at a party you have certain privileges.

Make people hand over beverages that are over 3.4 ounces.

Might seem harsh but it's all in the name of security!