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Catboy - PJ Masks Power Up Accessory

SIDEQUEST ACCEPTED You know how most video games are just loaded with a bunch of sidequests? Most of them are just weird little side ventures that have nothing to do with the real story and reward you with something silly.

But, occasionally, there are those secret gems with areal reward. Gaining new powers and anything that really bolsters your abilities are the lifeblood of any hero, so it was bound to happen to our favorite kiddo superheroes, too!

Time to get Catboy and the others their advanced powers. PRODUCT DETAILS Bolster your buddy without actually having to go find some ancient crystal statue and muddle up the world.

ThisPJ Masks Catboy Power Up Accessory is just the ticket to let your tyke use thesuper cat stripes ability to fend off the baddies and grapple all the loot. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Once your tyke gains their new superpowers, there will always be a period of practice before they really know how to control them.

That might not be such a problem for cat hearing and running, but it will be a delight to watch your kiddo practice balancing bananas with the grappling power of this new Catboy Powerup Accessory.


PJ Masks Gekko Kid's Mask

BLEND IN AND STAND OUT The PJ Masks team has a way of making the impossible totally happen. Whether they're stopping mean old scientists from taking over the world or just learning important lessons about sharing, they can do just about anything!

In fact, that last one about learning important lessons is almost a guarantee! But, can a shy guy who can pretty much turn invisible also be able to stand out in the crowd?

PRODUCT DETAILS Show your kid how to emulate some of Gekko's great abilities with this officially licensedPJ Masks Gekko Mask. The foam and polyester material keeps the hood really comfortable while the green scale and spine design will have your tyke looking just like the youngest member of the PJ Masks.

Gekko's abilities to camouflage and hide might seem similar to a certain shy kid but that also gives him the confidence to stand out! GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK People always say that black goes with everything and, sure, that's a pretty safe style choice.

But, if you're looking to let your kiddo be a real little hero, there's an even better way to go. This Gekko Mask will help your tyke be just like the PJ protector from the hit kid's show!