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Holy Staff Accessory

Adored by the masses You're a natural leader. You know how to get people to listen to you.

It's been this way since the beginning. You led games of tag in grade school.

You planned a spring break trip in high school. You led discussions and argumentsin your college classes.

Not all of these things worked out perfectly but that position of power always ended up landing in your lap. It's time to get blatant with your love of leadership!

The good news? Halloween is a great way to celebrate the secret natural leader waiting to come out inside you.

Details & Design We at take costume accessoriesseriously.

That's why we jumped into action when we noticed something rather serious was missing from those bishop and pope costumes out there. At fifty-six inches tall, this Made by Us holy staff will really drive home any papal authority you're taking on at your next costumed event.

The two piecessnap together so when you're ready to step out of your role of authority, your holy staff can be safelystored away. In the Lead There are plenty of waysto become a leader this Halloween.

Kings, queens, and pop stars are the usual favorite. But if you really want to flaunt your leadership skills go above the monarchs and media moguls to pursuean even higher calling?

It's called the Vati-can not the Vati-can't, after all!