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Price is Right Yellow Contestant Costume for Adults

HeyYou, Come On Down! This costume is for all the adults out there who faked sick aschildren sothey could stay home from school and watch (perhaps) the best game show of all time, The Price is Right.

C'mon, come clean to us, we won't tell. We're also guilty of feigning an illness once every quarter so we could lay in bed with a bowl of cerealand watch hysterical contestants compete in *drumroll please* The Showcase Showdown.

We loved yelling at the contestants to bid lower on their luxury package (C'mon Carol, get it together!) and we shouted for wheel-spinners to land on the coveted $1.

00 prize. We ventured to the store countless times by age 11, helping mom find the best-priced household items, so of course, we thought we could give contestants like Carol a run for her money.

As adults, we're positive that we'd win it all. This Price is Right yellow contestant costume turns your childhood fantasy into a reality, especially if 800 is always your go-to bid.

Product Details A simple costume toguarantee that you'll bring home the big bucks at any costume contest! This costume is perfect for low-maintenancegame show fans who are looking for a fan-favorite costume this year.

Write your name on the included yellow nametag sticker and slap it on any bright colored shirt of your choosing. Finally, the adjustable podium accessory fastens conveniently around the waist and features an attached faux microphone, which is everything you'll need to land a spot in The Showcase Showdown!

Give It A Spin! What would you bid on this costume?

Luckily, that's not necessarily. As long as you pay the advertised price plus shipping and handling, we'll send it to you, no questions asked.

Of course, we'll want to hear about the costume contest prize you'll inevitably win so fill us in on the details by leaving a review below. Remind fellow partyers to control the pet population by having their pets spayed or neutered and you'll definitely walk away from the party with a handful of new friends (and hopefully a cash prize!