Priest Costumes

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Priest Shirt

Has your friend been acting a little odd? It might be a bad sign if hes saying strange things, has unexplained wounds, and has been levitating a lot lately.

You might need to perform an exorcism on his behalf. After all, he would do it for you.

Heres your chance to expel that demon who has possessed your buddyand look official while youre doing it. You want your friend back, dont you?

Hes probably looking at you as his only hope now. Or, is the entity just making faces at you?

Either way, make sure to slip into your Priest Shirt before performing the ritual. The spirit will take you more seriously that way.

Whatever you do, dont forget your holy water and crucifix, and make sure to have the whole ritual down before you start..

.preparation is everything.

Once your friend is free, dont be surprised if youre contacted for your exorcist services. You might just have a new career on your hands!


Toddler Priest Costume

Its really difficult to get into the priesthood. Theres more commitment in that than anything we can think of.

You have to stick to the religion like glue, and then memorize more saints than there are constellations in the sky! Not to mention those scary exorcisms you have to do!

Its not really for us, and were sure most adults probably arent pure of heart enough to take up the cloth either. Thats why we might have a solution of sorts.

Maybe your kid has been awfully kind hearted to the poor as of late. Hes barely taller than the giant pot they use for the soup, but hes always volunteering at the kitchen for the homeless anyway.

Youve seen him reading the Bible more than he watches cartoons on Saturday morning, and hes been the one waking you up every Sunday morning for church. Sounds like he might be just the person were looking for to be standing up on the pulpit.

Now, before you think were going a little crazy, did you know that the youngest pope, Benedict IX, was eleven years old when he became the great monarch? Now youre starting to look at your kid like he might be just what this world needs, and for once were not talking about superheroes.

There just seems to be one thing missing Of course! He cant be running around the church in a t-shirt and jeans he got from his big brother.

Well have to outfit him with the latest fashion sweeping the priesthood. Were not exactly sure where the other members of the clergy go to get their robes, but were pretty sure they wont have anything that will fit your little guy.

Thats why we took inspiration from the real deal, and shrank it down to just the right size for your toddler. Now if only we can convince him to do weddingshe still thinks theyre pretty gross.