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Adult Couples Oreo Cookie Costume

Do you two finish each other's. .

. sandwiches?

Have you brought home Chinese food just as your partner was daydreaming of their favorite sweet and sour chicken? When you two split a piece of pie does one of you prefer the crust while the other loves the filling?

It's not often that the heart and the stomach align allowing the perfect snack pack to come together. Cookies and cream have been a classic combo long before the Oreo.

People have been craving that creamy crunch since we were living in caves. In fact, while some paleontologists have argued that the circle motif stands for the circle of life, many have hypothesized that cave drawings depicting a circle within a circle were rudimentary designs for the early Oreo.

That's all to say, this addictive cookie was a long time coming. How beautiful that two chocolate cookies get to be together until the crunchy and delicious end.

Even the last Oreo hidden behind a fold of plastic in an empty sleeve will never be lonely, those cookies have each other. If you're looking for an edible take on the classic couples costume this Oreo ensemble won't disappoint.

In this adorable dream team costume the only thing the two of you will have to argue about is who gets to wear the creamy side. You can always solve the dispute with an Oreo, if the cream comes off on the left side you get to be the creamy side and visa-versa.

Even if you end up dressed as the cream free chocolate cookie, this Oreo costume is sure to make your Halloween night as sweet as can be.

Adult Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser Costume

Good, Clean Fun Who could have ever thought that dressing up as hand sanitizer would be on-trend? But alas, the world is a funny place, and you are but a jester on her stage!

As the jokester in your group, you always aim for a hilarious Halloween costume, and you're not above a bit of base humor. People like you are the lifeblood of parties, and you keep the fun pumping long into the night.

So, this year, opt for this Adult Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser Costume and take home the costume contest prize in a snap! It's a funny look that's easy to wear, and the joke is built right in.

It's both on-topic (in a year when sanitizer was akin to your cellphone, keys, and wallet..

.you never left home without it!

), and a bit bawdy, and it promises to light up the faces of your friends when they see it! Product Details Think a humorous costume has to be hard to assemble?

Think again! This look is so easy to wear, it'll blow your mind.

It's a simple slipover tunic that you can don over your own clothes. The front is printed to look like a real wall sanitizer unit, and the joke is all in the placement of the "Pull Here" lever.

Think about it for a minute..

.there you go!

Funny, right? Lend a Hand Your hands are one thing, but a Halloween party shouldn't be totally sanitized of all silly references and below-the-belt jokes, right?

We didn't think so! Thanks for lightening up the mood this holiday!

We all really need it this year.


Adult Happy Green Cactus Costume

Natural Growth Youve never had the greenest thumb. When your mom asked you to watch her plants while she was away, they dried up and turned brown pretty much as soon as you got near them.

You tried to keep a spider plant alive, because a friend said it was easy, and you somehow managed to let it down before it even made it out of its cup of water and into a pot of soil. Then one day, you picked up a cactus.

The prickly little guy seemed to be asking for a challenge and you wanted to try your hand at making something grow one more time. You paid a little more attention to it than most recommended, but you never over moistened the soil and made sure it got a proper amount of sunlight.

With a bit of surprise, you watched that cactus flourish into a tall and straight stalk, it even sprouted two little buddies to keep it company. Product Details Show off your practiced hand with this Happy Cactus Costume for Adults.

The tunic style costume is designed to look just like a proud cactus standing erect in its terracotta pot. Plastic spines are attached to the stiff green foam pullover to give the cactus a natural look while two smaller circular cactuses rest on either side of the main stalk.

The costume is completed with an appliqued label that lets everyone know the exotic breed of cactus you were able to raise! Growing Strong Some people may not understand why youre so proud of keeping a single cactus alive.

But when they catch sight of this Happy Cactus Costume that represents the little guy you keep safe at home, they may just figure it out. Or at the very least, they may have a few ideas on how best to keep that member of your family growing for years to come.


Adult Total Chick Magnet Costume

It's the twenty-first century, so we know our technology. We have supercomputers in our back pockets, for crying out loud!

But have you thought about the technology we've had so long we rarely notice it? If you will allow us to go retro for a bit, we'll regale you in the history of the magnet, one of the most useful and widely applicable scientific tools in our arsenal.

Common uses for magnets include VHS tapes, which contain a reel of magnetic tape; credit, debit, and ATM cards, which use a magnetic strip encoded with your unique information; older televisions and computer monitors used magnets to guide electrons to the screen; speakers and microphones employ a permanent magnet to convert electric energy into mechanical energy; electric guitars use magnetic pickups to give their sound a unique flair; electric motors and generators rely upon electromagnets in much the same way microphones do. Oh, we're not done: Hospitals use magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) to spot problems in a patient, compasses use a magnetized pointer to align itself with Earth's magnetic field.

They're in toys, on refrigerators, in jewelryand, in general, in most places despite you not realizing it. You probably never realized because you're so busy thinking about you-know-who.

Which is why we'd like to present you with your new favorite application of the miracle that is the magnet: this Chick Magnet Costume. Just be careful where you point that thing, dude.


Plug and Socket Costume - Funny Couples Costume Ideas

In the vast world of domestic hardware and fixtures, you'd be hard pressed to find two things more perfectly designed for each other than the electrical plug and socket. Without each other, plugs and sockets are just spare parts in separate bins; but if you put them together, magic happens!

It sounds sappy, we know, but when you and your sweetie are wearing this cute Plug and Socket Costume together, you'll feel that magic too! When talking about actual plugs and sockets, the magic we're talking about is really that modern electrical wonder, alternating current, which is a lot like love when you think about it.

Both allow you to do things you previously couldn't have done without it, both can warm you up and make you feel tingly inside (although with electricity, you generally wanna avoid the tingly part), and both can blow up in your face if you don't treat them right. So, if a plug and a socket that fit perfectly do happen to find each other, they can channel that mystical electric love magic to light up their lives together!

Now, when we're talking about the magic of the plug and socket in this couple's costume, all the stuff we just said still applies, except we're trying not to giggle while we say it. You and your special someone can wear these polyester and foam costumes to show everyone how perfectly you go together!

Or, you can wear them to an electrician's convention and see how many awkward looks you can get from people. If that sounds like fun, then you two really are made for each other!


Plus Size Plug and Socket Costume 1X

Which is more important the socket or the plug? Well, without a socket there is no access to the electrical grid.

No way to power the lights in the house. No way to run the refrigerator.

No heat, no warm water, no cooking. No recharging your cell phone.

No watching TV. No working on your computer.

No internet. That might be the line: a life without internet.

Who could imagine such a life?!

However, without a plug there is little need for access to the electrical grid. Sure the lights are wired into the house.

Same with the heat, and water. But the fridge has a plug, that once plugged in keeps your great aunt Etta's minced pie cold.

Without a plug there is nothing to connect the television to the socket. No way to watch the latest How to Get Away With Murder.

So, is it fair to say that they are equally important? We think so.

Therefore, this Halloween, when your friends ask you why you and your wife are dressed in these Plus Size Plug and Socket Costumes, just say because "we need each other". It will make your wife smile, and lets face it, you would somehow accidentally burn the house down without her.

Then when you are alone you can woo her with song: "I got chills, they're multiplying, And I'm losing control, 'Cause the power, you're supplying, It's electrifying!"