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Battle Sword - Standard

Shiny Not Showoff-y Youre a knight in shining armor. You dont need extra flashy accessories to get peoples attention.

Walk into your castle or a village Halloween party, and your brilliance blinds people. Any more polish or dazzle, and youd just be a showoffnot great when you want the kingdom to respect your skills and recruit your services.

Thats why when your previous sword was shattered in a toy weapon battle last Halloween and you were offered a shimmering blade with a bejeweled hilt as an apology, you had to decline. Product Description Ensure youre still ready for battles against imaginary dragons or fearsome warlocks with this Standard Battle Sword!

The simple Halloween costume accessory is precisely the style your glittering armor should be paired with. The lightweight silver-colored blade and golden hilt are molded from plastic.

A ribbed detail, colored like dark leather, is paired with a single faux gem for an honorable dash of elegance in the hilt as well. Standard Requirements Guarantee your knights armor is the star of the show with this Standard Battle sword that complements but doesnt overpower.

Whether youre attending a grand costume ball or leading a royal army of tiny trick-or-treaters through the neighborhood, this costume accessory is required gear!

Demon Slayer | Zenitsu Sword

Lightning Fast Cosplay Whether decking yourself out in a Halloween costume or heading off to the Anime Convention, there's really no such thing as the 'quick change' category. You've got plenty of time to make sure your look is perfected.

After all, there certainly isn't some kind of demon looming in the background, sniffing out a worthy hunt! That doesn't mean that you can't take on the extra enjoyment of testing yourself, though.

Who wouldn't want to be able to get dressed in a snap and be out on the adventure at a moment's notice!?

Well, if you're like Zenitsu, you might have just what it takes. Product Details Make sure that you're ready for your demon-slaying splendor when you have this officially licensedDemon Slayer Zenitsu Cosplay Sword at your side.

The prop blade is light, so it won't weigh you down while you're exploring the convention hall and it comes with a white sheath so you can still have the fun of drawing it out when you spot the perfect photo opportunity. The yellow blade is designed after the classicKemetsu no Yaiba Nichirin Blade of the master of lightning attacks, too, so it is perfect for any quick-witted demon slayer!

Fast on the Draw Become an instant part of theDemon Slayer story when you wield this Zenitsu Cosplay Sword.


Demon Slayer Inosuke Sword Accessory

Cutting Edge Hello there traveler! What brings you to these parts?

Oh, you are in need of an anime sword? Well, you have come to the right place!

We have all kinds of Nichirin Swords in stock. They are made from the finest Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Ore (okay, maybe these ones aren't made with those rare materials, but these faux blades are at least a lot more accessible!

). With this fine piece of steelyou will be slicing and dicing your way through demons faster than you can say, "Better watch out!

Cause' ready or not, HERE I COME!!

" Fun Details Oh, so we see you have your eyes set on our Demon Slayer Inosuke Cosplay Sword. Yes, it is a quality sword: lightweight material, comes with a sleeve, and measures about 40" long.

You can see it's missing its handguard, but the previous owner was a bit of a wildman and preferred not to use them. Practice your Beast Breathing and dual-wield these cosplay swords today!


Demon Slayer: Kanroji Mitsuri Sword

Cursed or Cool? There are many legends behind the mysterious Color Changing Sword.

When first forged from the Scarlet Crimson Ore, they're filled with the sun's energy. That's a pretty critical component to being able to take down all the demons who stalk the night.

But once they are put into the hands of a Demon Slayer, the real magic begins! The blade will transform, turning one of many different shades, each reflecting the fate and skill of its wielder.

There's a lot of debate about which one is thebest color but nearly everyone agreed that the Black Swords were theworst. Why?

Well, they were just so rare theyhad to be bad news, right? Then again, there are some whispers that 'Black' is the color ofall colors blended together.

If that's true, it's no wonder that Tanjiro is so awesome! Product Details Claim your destiny when you wield this officially licensed Demon Slayer: Love Hashira - Kanroji Mitsuri Sword.

This sword prop is made of lightweight materials, so it is easy to carry while you're bringing yourDemon Slayer cosplay to life. The blue hilt, dark black blade, and white sheath will show that you've got all the tricks of theKimetsu no Yaiba trade.

Power of the Sun Take a deep breath and let your swordplay skills come to bear. With this Demon Slayer: Love Hashira - Kanroji Mitsuri Sword, you'll be ready for anything.


especially those "Can I take your picture?" moments at the Anime Conventions!


Game of Thrones Foam Jaime Lannister Sword With Collector's Box

Have you ever wondered how well you would do in the dangerous drama that is the Game of Thrones? We've done our fair share of imagining, and while every once in a while we think about how we could pull off some sick moves in defense of our shield if we're honest we think most our time in Westeros would be spent admiring ourselves in awesome Westerosi garb.

Hey, what do you expect? We're costume enthusiasts, after all!

Anyway, while most fighters in the seven kingdoms are to be admired there are none who exude that knightly air, that royal confidence as much as Jaime Lannister. Sure, he's been painted as a villain in the past, with even his own family getting on his case on the regular but there's more to him than meets the eye.

After all, a man that can handle a sword after having his hand replaced with a gold one has to be tougher than his golden haired looks hint at. You'll find this light weight foam sword to your liking.

Don't be fooled by the intricately molded handle and aged Valyrian steel facade. It might look heavy but It's comfortable enough that you can easily take on your foes one handed!


Game of Thrones Foam Sword Needle With Collectors Box

Wewere looking up quotes from Arya to show how cool and cutting she is. The thing is, there are too many to be counted.

Unlike many of the Game of Thrones characters, she's been ready for anything and on her feet since the very beginning. She didn't need to be told twice that winter was coming, she simply kept her sword by her side, watched her enemy'severy move, and struck as soon as she had a chance.

She did that over and over again. To tell the truth, we still think she's cool and everything but now we're scared of her.

Whether you're dressing as Arya Stark this Halloween or collecting all of these Game of Throne swords you'll need theever-handyneedle. It'll be there when you need it most, defending you from yourever-buildinglist of enemies.

With the metallic finish andsturdyhandle, you'll look ready to get revenge for the Stark family. The world betterwatchout.

A girl is Arya Winterfell, and she is going home. Thelong andviolent way.