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Girl Tracksuit Costume

Matching and Bright Back in the day, as people might say, you were really cool if you had a matching tracksuit. Extra points were awarded if the suit was in bright colors.

Yep, you know the ones we're talking about! Those bright blue, teal, and hot pink suits, made out of a slippery and often windproof material.

We never thought that fad would come back, but as monochromatic and matching outfits come back into fashion, the vintage jumpsuit is finding its place in the spotlight, too. Now your child can head back in time a few decades in this Girl's Tracksuit Costume!

Product Details This tracksuit has all the retro details you could ever need. The electric blue is a blast from the past, as is the hot pink, purple, and white striping on the jacket and pants.

The pants have an elastic waistband (as all good tracksuits should), while the jacket zips up the front. All your child needs to complete this outfit is a giant scrunchie and a pair of chunky white sneakers!

If your child is going to be doing a lot of running around in their costume, we really can't think of a more fitting option. Running for Success You don't need a fancy outfit to run fast, but it definitely can't hurt!

Your child will be inspired to race from house to house this Halloween, or to throw themselves into party games with glee. We know the power of a great outfit, and this is definitely one of them!