Scarecrow Costumes

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Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw

We know a guy. Well call him.


Al. Now Al thought he was real clever; full o brains Al was.

Al thought he could DIY himself a quick Scarecrow costume at the last minute before a big Halloween party. Al went out and got real straw and stuffed his plaid shirt and denim pants with it.

Sigh. Oh, Al.

And then? Al went to the hospital, with a severe allergy.

Al was itching so hard he seemed like he wished he could click his heels three times and go back and do it all over again. That was the end of Halloween for Al.

Now he gives out candy from his porch without dressing up, thus crushing the spirits of little kids all over the neighborhood. The moral of the story?

Dont be like Al. Use your brain.

Pick up this Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw Kit and save yourself the trouble, pain, and the copay.

Nightmare Scarecrow Costume for Boys

Dang scarecrows. Always coming to life at night and being all scary and stuff after a long day of keeping the crows away at the field.

And that's not even the worst part! The worst part is when they break off their stakes and come towards the farm house to haunt the family!

Totally, completely, not cool. Welp, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

At least that's what your kid is sure to say when he goes in this frightening boy's Nightmare Scarecrow costume.With a terrifying mask and classic scarecrow details, when he's seen he's going to be creating a terror!

Arm him with this costume and we're sure he'll be primed for some extra wicked Halloween fun. (He does know that this is all supposed to be pretend, right?

) This scarecrow costume is the perfect scary Halloween costume. The pullover shirt has a jagged hemline and cuffs with straw-colored fringe.

To give it a true scarecrow style, the tunic has an attached rope belt and wrist ties. The scary mask is molded plastic covered with burlap-printed fabric and it secures with an elastic band around the back of the head.

Finally, the polyfoam hat and faux suede gloves give it the final details to bring the look to life. When he has this classic look, he's going to be primed for a lot of Halloween fun.

He might be sweet and innocent without the costume, but when he puts it on, this year he's going to be scaring more than just the crows!

Sassy Scarecrow Costume for Women

A new scarecrow on the scene Did you happen to see that cornfield over yonder? If you look really closely, you'll find that there's a new scarecrow on the scene, doing the duty of keeping those crows away.

And she's not particularly scary either, really, she's quite a poor excuse for a "scare" crow. She's actually sweet, but she's a little salty, too.

Come to think of it, she's downright sassy! We are talking, of course, about the Sassy Scarecrow, and rumor has it when night falls, she's pretty inclined to head into the village for a party.

We actually think you should consider giving her role a try! Think about it.

A sassy scarecrow that knows how to have a good time? Sounds like a ton of fun to us!

Product Details This costume ensemble comes with the signature dress, along with a hat, collar, pettiskirt, and wrist cuffs. Thefun dress has a delightful blend of patchwork, faux suede, and straw accents.

The theme carries through to the hat, and the burlap/straw collar and wrist cuffs complete the style. The boots we have pictured are sold separately, and you can pair any of your favorite footwear selections to complete the head-to-toe look!

We've got your back We're all about scarecrows as a Halloween choice, because, come to think of it? We're love all of the Halloween classics!

We've got a massively wide selection, so for everything from frauleins to Frankensteins, we've got you covered. Sassy or sweet, scary or spooky, we've got the choices to let your personality show through in your character selection.

We do, after all, have the world's largest selection of costumes! So,give this Sassy Scarecrow Costume a try, and let us know how Halloween goes for you!