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Fallen Angel Mask and Wings

Look, not everyone is going to belong to the same Angel party. We get it!

Sometimes theres a bunch of political differences and ideologies that you just cant get past. Some Angels wanna stay loyal to the big guy in the skythey dig saving kids from car wrecks, showing depressed bankers how they would have screwed up everyones lives if they had never showed up on earth, and occasionally appearing on TV shows in the form of an adorable Irish lady.

But thats not your bag! Nopeinstead, you prefer to serve an evil master and do his bidding by striking terror into the hearts of innocents, and maybe occasionally you like to pick up a couple of strays and carry them off to the gates of hell.

Tomatoe, tahmato! Instead of picking sides, we prefer to celebrate differences.


which is why we'd like you to consider this Fallen Angel Mask and Wings as an addition to your angel wardrobe. If you're going to set yourself apart from those sissy golden do-gooder angels, why not do it with a horrifying latex skull mask and shadowy wings that extend with the pull of a string?

One look at your horrifying appearance and those mewling humans will finally know that you're not the kind of angels who give welfare to their souls, but will force them the fight for it themselves! (I mean, it's for the best, really.


after all, how will they ever know the satisfaction of being able to live if they don't work for it?!


Fun World Professional Black Cream Makeup

We can't argue with it. Halloween is a pretty dark holiday.

People get scared all the time, it takes place at night, and there are dead people all over the place! We're pretty sure it's the darkest holiday out there (We mean, have you seen Nightmare Before Christmas?

) Just watch any Tim Burton film and you'll understand what Halloween looks like. In fact, that reminds us of something.

You're probably going to need a lot of black makeup to create the best look for the dismal festivities. Why not go pro with it with this Professional Black Cream Makeup for your next zombie outfit?

This cream provides a perfect base to really cast shadows where they need to be and contrast anything else you wear. Grab some white makeup and shade this is for a great fresh from the crypt corpse look!

CAUTION: makeup can stain fabrics, so be careful when applying it and until it dries. We recommend wearing old clothing such as a t-shirt and old shorts when applying and waiting to put on the rest of your costume.


Ghostly Video Game Elf Mask for Adults

You Shouldn't Have Done That Elite gamers and noobs alike should beware. If you thought safely beating levels, collecting coins and gems, and navigating the game's upper levels would be a piece of cake, we've got news for you.

This evil spirit just may be lurking inside the console and he plans on taking more than a couple virtual lives; he'll snatch the real deal without hesitation. There's nowhere to hide, not even nestled inside the comfort of your own home, video game controller in hand.

In fact, that's the worse place to be..

. Product Details This full mask is crafted from latex and meticulously painted.

Fashioned to look like a bone-chilling rendition of an elf. This mask features disturbing physical traits like jagged teeth, red eyes, and bloodstained mouth.


Handheld Prop Sickle

Harvest What You Will It's late summer. The birds are singing.

The skies are blue. And look at that, the wheat is shoulder high.

Looks like it's harvest time. There's no other time of year that reminds us of the most popular harbinger of death, the grim reaper.

Reaping, it's an interesting job. anything can be reaped.

There's wheat. There's corn.

There are sweet little strawberries. And let's not forget souls.

There are a lot of souls to reap. This Halloween if you're dressing as the busy guy in black, don't forget the main tool of his trade.

You can't bring in the harvest if you don't have the right tools! Product Details This realistic looking prop has a wood grain print handle that's curved for a comfortable grasp.

The blade is gracefully curved and has a rustic metallic look. At about fifteen inches long, it's easy enough to carry around at a costume party and keep in your costume collection afterward.

Far Afield So, maybe you're simply heading out as an old-fashioned farmer. Or, perhaps, you're dressing up as an unhinged scarecrow or the ever popular grim reaper.

Or maybe you want the prop that will top off all three of these ideas, they all have their place and time,after all. So ramp up your harvesting career and get your sickle ready!