Scary Kids Costumes

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Fade Eye Shadow Demon Costume for Boys

If you've ever gone for a nighttime stroll, chances are you've noticed little eyes watching you in the dark. You probably tell yourself that it's just a stray cat or a raccoon, checking you out from the shadows, but it could be something much creepier!

It could be your little one terrorizing the neighborhood in this spooky Fade Eye Shadow Demon Costume! Or, at least, we hope it's just a costume.

If you haven't heard of a fade eye shadow demon before, count yourself fortunate. The first thing you probably noticed is that it doesn't look like a traditional demon.

Aren't demonic creatures supposed to have horns and gross scales and hoofed feet? We should have told you right away that this isn't one of those old fashioned demons; this is something much darker.

It's a demon that could creep into your dreams, showing up when you least expect it. It exists in the shadows, and nobody knows what it wants, but we have heard that once someone sees those glowing eyes hauntingly staring at them, they are never heard from again.

Phew, we just gave ourselves chills! Luckily, we can assure you that this is just a costume, and once your kid is dressed up in it, they will have a blast scaring the daylights out of their friends and neighbors.

The black bodysuit and matching hood will transform your precocious kiddo into a ghostly ghoul, while the battery powered light up glasses give them their spooky eyes. So next time you're being watched by a pair of glowing eyes, we'd think twice before we try to pet it like a stray kitty cat.



Lifeless Bunny Costume for Kids

It's true that this stuffed rabbit has seen better days; much better days actually! At one point in time, this bunny was living the dream.

It got plenty of cuddles, plenty of attention, and plenty of love, but sadly now things couldn't be more different..

. Once a loving companion to a little girl, this plush bunny was accidentally left behind on a family vacation.

That's when everything went down hill! Without any love or affection, the once amiable critter turned evil.

When the family left the lifeless bunny in the lodge, cabin fever eventually set in. After awhile, it ventured out to terrorize as many people as possible to get revenge on all humans.

The monstrous rabbit now haunts the vacationing resort and especially any family who dares to stay in his cabin. It usually hops around in the shadows late at night and pelts the vacationers with cabbage and half eaten carrots!

If you want to become the beastly bunny who stars in this urban legend so you can scare as many people as possible on Halloween, then look no further than this lifeless bunny costume for children. You'll get the appearance of a stuffed animal who has been loved by a child in the past, but is now lonely and scorned.

The tunic with attached mitts look worn and feature large black stitches. The matching pants have attached shoe covers to make your whole body look as plush as possible.

Put on the included headpiece and you're ready to convince the masses that the tale of the lifeless bunny is anything but fictional!