Sexy Superhero Costumes

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Sexy Power Princess Costume

Who's got the power? She's got the power!

Granted, women are superheroes in general. (We deal with a lot, am i right ladies?

) But this golden gal right here is an actual superhero! That's right, she can do the whole superpower sha-bang.

She's a fierce female who has sassy sword fighting skills and a kick-butt kind of attitude. Not to mention, she's a daring woman who loves to express herself through her fashion choices.

When she wears this golden little number, she feels as though she can control the universe..


and maybe she can? And maybe you can too!

Wear this sexy power princess costume so you can feel confident while looking like a classy cartoon superhero. This sexy power princess costume is a tube top mini dress.

There are gold accents on the bodice and waist, making this costume really pop. The red faux rubies are eye-catching and they give you that captivating superhero style.

The winged headpiece is what really ties the ensemble together. It comfortably rests on your head while giving you a sleek and powerful look.

Top this look off with gold arm bands, a sword, and some glittery gold boots. You'll look like you're ready to save the universe.


in style!