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Adult Great White Shark Jawesome Costume Hat

TAKE A BITE OUT OF HALLOWEEN Besides the shark, Is there another aquaticcreature getting a whole week dedicated to them on Animal Planet? Um, we think not.

No other animal aliveconjures the same amount of fear, fascination, and intrigue as these colossal seabeasts. Whenventuring out this Halloween, your identity disguised underneath this jawesomehat (yup, that's it's technical name) you'll transform into the ultimate underwater hunter and most feared gilled creature since the Megalodon.

Play up the intimidation factor by asserting your dominance. Recite shark facts to everyone you meet.

You're bound to run into more people dressed as animals but no one more fierce than you..

. in a jawesomehat.

PRODUCT DETAILS The Great White Shark hat is made exclusively from soft materials and features shiny fabric and a stuffed dorsal fin which sticks straight up. The soft shark's open mouth serves as an opening for your face so you can easily see out.

Two rows of jagged teeth line the interior of the mouth. This is a unisex hat capable of fitting all adults APEX PREDATOR MODE Assert your dominance as the top predator at any costume party by pairing the hat with a Shark kigurumi.


Adult Inflatable Shark Costume

Find Your Inner Shark There's lots of kinds of "sharks" you can be in life. A card shark.

A pool shark. A party shark (we don't know what that is, but doesn't it seem like something really, really cool?

). The word "shark" just means someone who's really astute at a given task.

Unfortunately, you don't feel like you're any of these kinds of sharks..


But that's all about to change, friend! Slip into this Adult Inflatable Shark Costume and watch yourself become the ultimate Halloween shark!

You'll easily cinch the costume contest trophy, rack up tons of compliments, and make those other animal costumes envy your bold look. Trust us, once you ace one thing, it's pretty easy to ride that confidence boost into the next endeavor.

So what's it going to be, next, shark? Will you take on Texas Hold 'Em?

Or are you going to hone your shark prowess into something unexpected..

.Paella Shark?

Ukelele Shark? Elliptical Bike Shark?


.start with Party Shark and go from there, shall we?

Product Details Honestly, there are so few times when people will be happy to be approached by a giant shark, but this Halloween is definitely one of them! When you zip into this jumpsuit, you instantly transform into a Great White shark from fin to flipper.

A large transparent cutout in the shark's mouth allows you to see, and the costume comes with a built-in battery pack and a fan for easy use all night long. Tall Tails People will be talking for many Halloween's to come about this costumenot only because you looked so cool, but also because you were never the same after you found your inner shark!

Now you're out there killin' it in life. Bravo!


Adult Man Eating Inflatable Shark

Snack Attack It started out as a normal day at the beach. You put on your flippers and snorkel gear and paddled out to the reef to take in the beautiful sights under the sea.

It wasn't until you were out of the lifeguard's earshot that you saw it: A silvery fin cutting through the water toward you at an uncomfortably fast pace. You tried to swim away, but there was no escaping that open mouth gaping with jagged fangs!

Product Details This Adult Man Eating Shark Inflatable Costume is a scream in every sense of the word! The outfit is made of sturdy windbreaker fabric and comes with an attached fan to keep it fully inflated while you wear it.

Slip it on as though stepping into a pair of pants: When it's blown up all the way, the costume resembles a giant blue shark with an open mouth, from which your torso will protrude. The mouth area features jagged felt fangs and has printed graphics of dripping blood.

That Looks Painful It's uncomfortable, to say the least, but you've adapted fairly well to living your life partially inside a large and hungry shark. There are times when it's inconvenient, true, but at least you don't have to come up with a scary costume in order to go to a Halloween party because youare the costume!

If only you can try a few appetizers and drinks, and maybe even play a few party games before the shark finishes digesting your legs..



Baby Shark Bunting Costume

When you look at your baby, whats the first thing to come to mind? Is it precious little miracle?

Is it tiny bundle of joy? Or is it ruthless subaquatic murder machine?

! If that last one seems like a stretch to you, then its not your fault.

Your imagination just needs a little help getting there! Our Infant Shark Bunting turns even the most innocent, harmless, and cutest babies into the terrifying apex predators nature intended them to be.

This supremely cozy one-piece is perfect for babys day out whether theyre going trick-or-treating, fishing, or to the aquarium. The slots in the fins let your baby keep using their incredibly precious little baby hands, just like a real shark.

Now is one of the very few times when its perfectly acceptable to wish your infant was inside of a carnivorous fish!

Child Grey Gloves

When your kid is picking out colors to go with their costume, grey might not be their first choice. It's no secret that grey isn't a very exciting color, especially when compared to flashy colors like fuchsia, lime green, or aquamarine.

If we can be honest though, we kinda think colors like those get too much credit. They can look great, but if the rest of the outfit isn't also as brightly colored, they can look pretty silly.

It's pretty hard to go wrong with good ol' fashioned grey. So, when you're looking for some nice, but versatile, covers for your kid's little paws, these Grey Gloves will work for just about any costume.

These are simple, stretchy gloves that fit all sizes of little hands, and the neutral grey color will go with both bright and dark colored costumes. What more could you ask for in a pair of gloves?


Child Hammerhead Shark Costume

Our culture has an understandable fascination with the dangerous creatures of the sea. We are, after all, living in a world that is water by the vast majority and we only have the privilege of seeing a fraction of the life within it.

So, it isnt any surprise that we have an entire week dedicated to one of the most formidable and misunderstood creatures in the sea: the shark. For an entire week, the whole populous goes shark crazy.

Amazing documentaries teach us everything we never thought wed know about the creatures. Meanwhile, we also have Sharknado which definitely exists!

But, is a week enough? If we go that nuts for sharks over a single week, shouldnt we want more?

A shark month? Though, perhaps the creatures wouldnt even want that much attention.

They are loners, often. Shy swimmers that avoid too much contact, unless of course there looks to be something especially delectable or intriguing then out comes the curiosity!

Perhaps instead of extending the week, we should simply incorporate them more into some of our other choice holidays. We can think of no better solution to this than to offer you the Child Hammerhead Shark costume for this Halloween.

Your child can be a menace at the beach by donning this polyester brushed knit flannel pullover tunic. Its sewn-on fins, tail, and flat hammer head wont exactly give your kiddo the swimming power of the shark, but will certainly gain the adorable fascination that so many of us have for the mysterious fish.

The mouth of the shark costume is lined in teeth where your kiddos face will appear. Were relatively sure that wont instill the false idea that it is fun to get eaten by sharks, but you might need to watch a couple extra documentaries during the actual shark week, just in case.