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Adult Black Eye Cover

Heroes to the Ready When danger strikes, a superhero will always be there to save the day! Danger comes in a lot of forms, so saving the day is a full-time job.

It could range from catching a falling jet, to making that emergency TP run. When your job is so busy, it's best to always have a mask on hand to conceal your identity!

Product Details Whois that masked hero? Turns out it's you, when you're wearing your exclusive Black Eye Mask for Adults!

The unisex costume accessory is made of thin black foam that's shiny on the outside to match your dashing personality. A contoured curve for your nose makes it comfortable to wear, while the attached elastic band keeps it snugly in place.

Alter Ego Villains will be confounded about your true identity, but your friends will always recognize you by your kind deeds (and your amazing good looks). This all-purpose mask will complete your vigilante disguise!


Kid's Black Superhero Eye Mask

Alter Ego Every good superhero needs a secret identity so that their fame doesn't prevent them from living a (mostly) normal life in between catching falling jets and stopping criminal capers. The same thing goes for supervillains, though: If people knew their true identity, they'd always be stopped before they could put their twisted, genius plans into action!

Product Details Conceal your true identity behind this exclusive Black Eye Mask for Kids! The black foam accessory has large holes for your eyes, and a contoured shape for a comfortable fit.

The attached elastic band keeps it snugly in place. How to Save the Day Did you hear that?

Someone is calling for help! Apparently they have too much Halloween candy and are worried about being able to give it all away.

This sounds like a job that's perfect for your unique skills! Put on your supersuit and get going - but not without your trusty mask!