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110 Spider Web Window or Door Covering Decoration

Creepy-Crawly Hey guys! Stick with us this year when you go trick-or-treating.

We'll show you where all of the good houses are. Mrs.

Winkle lives on the corner and she hands out whole caramel apples to every kid, so you'll definitely want to hit her up. The Joneses always give full-sized candy bars - they're awesome!

Mr. Thompson asks you to do a trick before he gives you a treat, but he gives out five-dollar bills, so it's worth it.

And the house on the end of the block? Ummm, we don't know who lives there.

They always dress in black and we're pretty sure they have a spider problem. Best to skip that one!

Product Details Enter if you dare! This 110 Inch Spider Web Door or Window Covering is perfect for adding some creepy flair to your home.

It stretches over an entrance or a window and looks just like what might happen if a giant arachnid decided to spin his home over your house. No oversized bug swatter required!


12 Larva Skull Spider Sac Halloween Decoration

What's in the Sac! There are a lot of nasty bugs that could get stuck in the giant spider web on your front porch.

House flies, beetles, moths, they're all susceptible to falling prey to a lurking spider. But none of the insects listed above could account for how giant this spider sac is.

We can only hope that there's prey inside because if it's spiders then man, there are a lot of spidey babies on the way! How many spiders can fit in a foot-long sac?

We don't want to know! Hang this sac in your Halloween display and you'll have everyone pondering the same unsettling questions!

Product Details A giant gauze spider web is a Halloween essential. Once you spread out on outdoor porches or over your stair's banister, you end up adding a ton of spooky atmosphere quickly!

Now you can add even more spooky character to that classic display. This foot-long spider sac will have people wondering just what is caught in your Halloween display.

Is the spider on the white sac protecting its young or is it about to have the feast of a lifetime? That's for your fellow Halloween revelers to decide.

Whatever it is, it's sure to be the stuff of nightmares.

13 Inch Oil Slick Skeleton Spider

Doubly Dreadful Are you scared of skeletons? What about spiders?

While both are staples of Halloween dcor, you might find that your visitors are not creeped out by plain old skulls anymore. Or perhaps that spider on a spiderweb decoration you have just doesnt have the same frightening factor after a few years.

If you feel like you need to reinfuse your home with some spooky spirit, why not try getting a prop that combines two scary things into one, like this skeleton spider? Product Details This 13-Inch Oil Slick Skeleton Spider is sure to give your home a double dose of dread!

Even if separately, simple skeletons and spiders dont really scare you, surely a skeleton spider will still send a shiver up your spine! Plus, the iridescent paint job on this one gives it an extra magical, creepy feel.

(We might even call it eerie-descent!) Were sure youll be able to get back into the spooky spirit with this fun prop!


13.6 Black Light Spooky Ghostly Spider Skeleton

Attack of the Glowing Bugs Spiders = terrifying. Giant spiders = Extra terrifying.

Giant skeleton spiders with fangs and who glow in the dark = oh wow, there are no words to describe how horrifying this is. Who thought this was a good idea?

Send help immediately. Thank you.

Product Details Turn your home into a nightmare scenario courtesy of this 13.6 Inch Black Light Ghostly Spooky Spider Skeleton!

The decoration is made of plastic and has a skeletal abdomen, legs, and skull. When placed under black light, it glows!


20 Inch Hanging Moon with Spider

How'd It GetThere? Even though spiders are really helpful about getting rid of smaller bug pests, there's no doubt that they're kind of creepy.

All of those legs and eyes can be a bit unsettling, plus they have a habit of turning up everywhere: Bedroom closets, shower walls, doorways..

. there's probably even a spider or two on the moon.

Product Details This 20" Hanging Moon with Spider Decoration is just what you need to complete your Halloween decorations! The silver-tone crescent moon has a smirking face and a plastic spider dangling from its upper tip.


25 Silver & Gold Spider Web Candelabra Halloween Prop

Silver for Safety When you and your friends decided a Halloween sance was an excellent way to spend the holiday, you agreed to host it. You'll take any excuse to add more candles to your collection.

But then you got to thinking about what could happen during the event. Messing with Ouija boards is always a dangerous business.

And while the intent wouldn't stray from chatting with a friendly spirit, it's hard to know if something darker wouldn't pick up the call instead. Not wanting to look too nervous about the spooky gathering, though, you decided a subtle decoration that might make the demons a little bit wary would be a good choice.

That's how you found this 25-Inch Silver Spider Web Candelabra! Product Details Keep the vibes right and protect your sance circle with a demon's least favorite metal when you add this two-piece set of ornate candle holders to your dcor!

Filigree-like curls form the legs and crown of this candelabra and give it an elegant look. Meanwhile, thinner pieces of silver stretch between each candle space to create glittering spider webs.

A large silver spider rests on each web and ensures this Halloween decoration fits with any spooky season display.