Spiders And Spider Webs

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72 Inch Cocoon Corpse Prop

Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. You may end up like this 72 inch Cocoon Corpse for example.

We're pretty sure this poor guy thought he'd be safe but clearly he was wrong! Now, he's nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now.

Poor guy! You'll be able to create the perfect Halloween scene when you add this detailed prop to your holiday decor.

A life-sized corpse is crafted from green foam, and is wrapped in silky spiderweb material. It comes complete with a wire attached to the feet, so you can hang it upside down and make it appear as though this poor soul ran into a giant spider and had a very, very bad day.

You could also use this frightening prop in a variety of other positions, or pick up a few of them to create a wicked beast's lair. Whatever kind of scene you assemble, we're sure that all of your guests will be leaving with a fright!

(And maybe a newfound fear of spiders too!)


Mini Spider Window Walkers

A Tradition Is Born Help us out here. We're trying to start a new tradition.

You know how at Christmas, people hang mistletoe and if you find yourself standing under it, you have to kiss? Well, we think Halloween could use a romantic tradition like this, too!

It may not seem like the most obvious of romantic holidays, but lots of people get a thrill from All Hallows Eve, and who doesn't love the possibility of romance just around the cobweb..



corner? These Mini Spider Window Walkers are integral to our plan.

We want you to hang them at your haunted house, and spread the word as to their new significance. Then, when you catch anyone taking an opportunity to smooch underneath them, snap a photo and (with their consent, of course) post it with the hashtag #spidersmooches.

Let's start a movement! We think it will catch on.

Of course, if not, these spiders still make great Halloween decorations. Product Details Each of these two, lifelike plastic spiders is approximately 3.

5" long, and features a suction cup on its underside to make it able to stick to glass! Grab a bunch and try them all over your house, so you can relay accurate data to us about the effectiveness of Operation Spider Smooches.

A Final Note We know that some people are, in fact, afraid of spiders and would find the notion of kissing underneath one terrifying. We can only hope that starting to associate spiders with romance can help the long, unfair reputation of arachnids.

But of course, scaring people is half the fun of Halloween, so whether our big plan works or not, we'll call it a success!