Super Mario Bros Costumes

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1 Up Extra Life Mushroom Can Cooler

It sure can be a tough job having to save Princess Peach day in and day out from that darn Bowser, with all of his annoying minions and those crafty puzzle-like worlds . All that running around and jumping would leave anyone parched.

You can bet that Mario and Luigi aren't above putting back a few cold ones after a hard day's work. Those are two plumbers that know the value of an ice cold beverage.

Although, every now and then, the super bros will get wrapped up in swapping stories of their adventures and let their beverages get too warm to enjoy. Party Foul!

Thankfully, Toad had a solution! He knows already how much those jumpy guys enjoy his 1Up mushrooms so he whipped up an invention that would extend the lifespan of their cold drinks!

Now the Mario Bros just need to slip their beverages in a One-Up Can Koozie and they can easily put a cold one down anytime without worries of a warm sip!

Princess Peach Adult Wig

Of course, we know that you dont need to be rescued..

.but you sure do make it look like quite a lot of fun.

And you should know, youre the expert! But sometimes all that running in and out of castles can take a toll on a gals looks.

Good news! You don't have to spend countless hours in front of the mirror trying to get that perfect I just got kidnapped by Bowser appearance; this Princess Peach Adult Wig recreates that look in seconds.

It is crafted into a shoulder-length blonde style with short bangs and it will prove positively peachy paired up with our Princess Peach costume and a tiara. Just dont be surprised if Italian plumbers suddenly also find themselves strangely drawn to you while you wear this wig, its a known side effect of these luxe locks.