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6' Spider Web Halloween Table Runner Decoration

Macabre Meal When you decorate your home for Halloween, you dont miss a trick! Or treat!

Your yard is filled with all kinds of tombstones, zombies, and creepy clowns. In fact, you can hardly get in your own door because of all the jack-o-lanterns littering your front step!

And, of course, your spooky sensibilities arent limited to the outdoors. You have a ghost in the bathroom, witches in your kitchen, and bats in the basement.

(Some of them might even be real. Youre not sure.

) Product Details So when its time to breakfast on some boo-berry muffins or eat a delicious dinner of ghoulash, youll need something to set the mood. Create a spooky ambiance at your dining table when you display this 6 Spider Web Table Runner!

The dark velvet fabric gives this piece a bit of elegance, while the embroidered and sequined web design adds an eerie element and ensures that youll be able to see the pattern even in dim, ghostly lighting.

Round 70 Skull Lace Decorative Table Cover

Gather Round Normally, you wouldn't want dead bones welcoming your guests to the appetizer table, but this is Halloween! By all means, let a skull entice everyone to sample the witch's brew and raw eyeballs (hopefully those are just peeled grapes).

Product Details Nothing sets the mood for a party like a 70" Round Skull Lace Table Cover! The center of the circular tablecloth knitted-in graphic of a grinning skull against a background of black lace.

The edge to the hem is white has a fun pattern of knitted-in spiderwebs and swirls.


Vintage Halloween Fabric Table Cover Decoration

This Party Is the Cat's Meow! If you want to throw the best bash ever, you've got to decorate accordingly!

Fortunately, Halloween is the perfect time to pull out all of the stops. Black and orange is a must, and a cat motif is just right for combining cute and creepy.

Product Details Serve up a delicious holiday using this Vintage Halloween Black Cat Fabric Table Cover! The rectangular tablecloth is printed with a retro-looking checkered background of orange, gray and black squares.

Scattered all over are images of grinning black cat heads of various sizes and five-pointed cream stars.