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3 Piece Crooked Tombstone Decor Set

Date Ideas Have you been trying to find new activities to keep your relationship fresh? We've got some unexpected ideas from horror movies that are sure to keep you and your date on your toes!

Try visiting your local abandoned house and knocking on the front door. If it happens to creak open invitingly, you both have to go in.

Summertime in the city? Retreat to your local abandoned summer camp and go skinny dipping in the cursed lake where all those teenagers disappeared exactly ten years ago.

Then again, you could always stay in town and explore your local cemetery. If you pack a picnic and take your time, you might even discover the forgotten section deep in the graveyard's overgrown woods.

How romantic! Product Details Those with refined creepy tastes know that the best Halloween gravestones are the ones that have been nicely weathered.

These foam stones have an uneven cut to make them look like they've been sinking into the earth over the last century. Decorated with skulls and bones, the stones are sure to send a haunting message to any of your Halloween guests.

Misty Memories Create the perfect front yard cemetery when you pair these stones with any of our other Halloween decorations. Groundbreaker skeletons, ancient fences, and smoke machines are just the thing to help your uniquely eerie vision come to life!


36'' Tombstone

Sure, a big zombie with electronic red eyes would be scary..

. but you're more about the subtle frights.

You like the thrills and chills..

. the ambiance and atmosphere!

That's why you're the kind of person who would love this tombstone decoration. It looks old, it looks creepy, and it says RIP, the universal phrase that means something died.

One you put a few of these on your lawn, everyone coming up your step will walk a little slower, their head will swing from side to side, their eyes will be a little bit wider, waiting for something to jump out and get them. The mailman might not appreciate your new and scarier front yard, but the kids are gonna love it.


4 in 1 Tombstone Decoration Set

Cemetery Starter The spookiest place in your neighborhood is the overgrown graveyard. While it looks happy nestled in giant weeds and bowed trees, you can feel its abandonment whenever you pass.

Its perfect for Halloween, and youre jealous. Neighbors flock to the spot every October.

One group after another. Each trying to hunt ghosts and capture evidence that the illegible tombstones are hiding something worse than the names of their owners.

But it would take a lifetime to create that same sense of terror in your own space and draw crowds that cant get enough of the spine-chilling thrills of haunted cemeteries. Or would it?

Product Details Every spooky spot starts somewhere! Get your haunting Halloween display up and running with this 4 in 1 Tombstone Set.

This 4 pack of foam headstones is an easy way to set up your gruesome graveyard. With 1 decoration standing 22 inches tall and the accompanying 3 standing at 14 inches, your graveyard will have a nice variation in stones while being easy to move about your lawn.

Stick each into the ground with the included stakes, and your spirited Halloween goals are off to a great start! Dig It Whether youre looking to start a graveyard or expand your annual Halloween display, this 4 in 1 Tombstone Set has you covered!

With no digging involved, youre sure to enjoy creating your cemetery every year with these decorations!

Animated 21 Inch Skeleton Tombstone Decoration

Not Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeleton Is it..

. dead?

Can you go check? We're kind of scared of skeletons.

You can never be too sure. You never know when one of those unsuspecting skeletons hanging out near a gravestone turns into a ghoulish fiend that rises from the grave to terrorize the living and exact its revenge upon humankind!

Then again, maybe we've just been watching way too many horror movies..

. Skeletons and horror movies do get us thinking though!

You need some skeletons lurking around your home if you want to add a creepy appeal to your house this Halloween. Something about them just makes people (like us) really uneasy!

Design & Details If you want to add an eerie presence to your home, then look no further than this decoration! The Animated Skeleton Tombstone Prop is a Made By Us design that brings a touch of the grave to your decor theme.

The tombstone features a realistic stone paint job on the exterior. The skeleton is grasping the tombstone and the skull features animated action (including lights and sounds) that's sure to scare away any unsuspecting guests!

We're pretty sure that it's not one of those undead creatures roaming the Earth for revenge (like 97% sure).

Dang... No WIFI Tombstone Prop

Signal Low Being dead has one big perk: Lots of peace and quiet! It's finally time to get caught up on all of those emails.

Let's just find a hotspot and..


wait a minute. No service?

"Web browser" apparently takes on a different meaning in the afterlife. Product Details Mark the final resting place of an unhappy former Internet user with this Dang.


No WiFi? Tombstone Decoration!

The headstone prop is painted to look like textured stone and features a spider image above the humorous caption. A spiderweb graphic covers the lower left corner.


Enter If You Dare Tombstone Decoration Set

Is That a Challenge? Some people just can't say no to a challenge.

That's how ninety percent of horror movies start. Going for a dip in the cursed lake?

Well, none of the teens want to seem like they're scaredy cats so of course, they'll take the dive! Read out loud from a spooky book on Friday the 13th?

Umm, seems a little suss. But sure, why not live a little.

And when it comes to people challenging each other to take classic horror movie risks, nothing is more typical than people daring each other to enter the local haunted house! This enter if you dare tombstone set would be the perfect way to seal a horror movie casts' fate.

After all, once those characters know that they're being challenged, they just can't say no! Product Details Each of these four tombstones is a little over a foot tall and flaunts eerie embossed images.

The gray carved bats, pumpkins, and spiderwebs are sure to tie in with the rest of your Halloween decor. The words on each tombstone are a fun take on the classic front yard cemetery.

Lightweight and compact, this timeless Halloween decoration can be used for many Halloweens to come!