Toy Blades

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Proplica Tengen Uzui's Nichirin Swords

These areDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Proplica Tengen Uzui's Nichirin Swords.

Disney Pixar Lightyear Laser Blade DX for Kids

This is a Disney Pixar Lightyear Laser Blade DX.


Halo Energy Sword

What is the noblest of weapons in the Halo series? Is it the combat rifle?

No, most certainly not. It might have a decent range, but it definitely lacks stopping power.

What about the shotgun? Not a chance!

That might be great at close range, but any grunt with opposable thumbs can use that thing. What about the rocket launcher?

That has stopping power, but it might blow up everything in a 30 foot radius around your target. The true noblest of weapons is none other than the energy sword!

Now, you can wield the noblest of Halo weapons, because this Halo Energy Sword has a look that come straight from the video games series. The toy weapon is painted to look like it has energy bolts going throughout it.

The handle has a metallic paint job for added effect. Now, it wont actually help you cut a Covenant soldier down in two, but it will look great with your Master Chief cosplay costume.


Hasbro G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Morning Light Electronic Sword

Which Weapon? Every heroic warrior needs a signature weapon.

Whether they have knives, firearms, swords, slingshots, or bows and arrows, heroes are often identified by their weapon of choice. It might be passed to them from family, obtained in a quest, or given to them once theyve proven that theyre worthy.

So, when your child is deciding what to wield while wearing their costume, they have plenty of choices. We think a sword is always a great option!

Your kid can imagine and act out epic battles where they decide if good or evil wins the day. Product Details This G.

I. Joe Morning Light Electronic Sword is a great choice for any aspiring ninja!

Modeled after the one wielded by Snake Eyes, this toy features exciting sound effects and a light-up blade to make play combat even more thrilling. This Halloween, your child will love to wield this sword with a Snake Eyes costume or any other warrior outfit they want!


Multicolor Sword Light Handle

The Rainbow Knight All those medieval knights had it wrong. Why lug around a mono-tone hunk of metal across the land when you could have a brilliant weapon that just radiates every color of the rainbow?

That sounds much better than swinging around a drab gray sword. And why all the metal?

Metal is heavy and cumbersome. You could really hurt someone doing that.

How about plastic instead, which is lightweight and easy to carry. In fact, when you wield this colorful sword, you can show those misguided knights the true path by becoming the Rainbow Knight!

Product Details This fabulous Multicolor Sword is a plastic toy sword with a surprise. It even lights up in brilliant colors when you press the button.

It does require 3 AA batteries to operate, so make sure you have a few of those at the ready. Pair this up with a colorful outfit and you can attain the title of Cavalier of Color!

Intended for Color, Not Battle Okay, so maybe this fancy sword isn't great for any actual battles, but who cares? When you have the full visual power of the rainbow at your disposal, you don't need to duel and dragons!


Raya and the Last Dragon Feature Dragon Blade

The Coolest Keris One of the best parts of dressing up as our favorite characters is getting to use their awesome weapons. Perhaps you like characters who take down their enemies from afar with a bow and arrow.

Maybe you enjoy the stealthiness of throwing stars or other small projectiles. You could also be interested in more futuristic forms of combat with things like blasters and lightsabers.

However, one of the most classic blades to wield is a sword. Theyre highly customizable, so much so that sometimes a sword is all you need to identify a character, and Rayas is no exception!

Her asymmetrical dagger, called a keris, is one of the most unique swords weve ever seen. Product Details Complete your costume with this Raya and the Last Dragon Feature Dragon Blade.

It has the distinctive curved edges and dragon hilt that Rayas does, and even lights up with the push of a button. It also features the same distinctive pattern on the blade.

Defeat the Druun If you need a weapon as you go on a quest to find the last hope for your people, this Raya and the Last Dragon Feature Dragon Blade is just the thing. If youre dressing up as Raya, this awesome sword is a must-have accessory!