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Camouflage Pump Toy Shotgun

Lets Even The Odds When the bad guys are coming in waves and you cant keep up with your single shooter, then you know what time it is. If give up popped into your head, the exit is that way.

No, we dont give up. We take down the enemy with this awesome Camouflage Pump Shotgun!

All it takes is a handful of shots from this bad boy and things are suddenly in your favor. Whether youre playing Army or hunting bears in your backyard, this is the friend you want by your side.

It will also make an excellent addition to your Halloween costume. Go out as an expert in guerilla warfare, be the worlds greatest hunter, or dress up as a zombie apocalypse survivor all with the help of this shotgun.

Product Details The latest addition to your arsenal is made out of both wood and steel. Printed on the wood is a beautiful green and brown foliage camouflage.

At the end of the steel barrel is a plastic orange tip reassuring everyone that this is indeed simply a toy. The shotgun measures out to be approximately 30.

25inches long from end to end. It is complete with real pump action along with sound effects.


Deluxe Clone Trooper Blaster

Got a big mission on your hands? A really crucial objective that will help the Rebel cause?

No, thats not you, youre Imperial Special Forces. Of course you are.

.or maybe, even better, youre a defector playing both sides Well, no matter if you wear the Rebel orange, Imperial black-and-white, or youre going old school with the Republic blues, youre going to want this Deluxe Clone Trooper Blaster accessory at your hip.

Once used in first generation clone troopers, but later redistributed and revamped for Rebels and Imperial forces alike, this weapon is the standard for the highest trained close-quarters infantry and special forces. So, whichever side youre aligning yourself with (weve always been partial to Rogue Squadron, ourselves), youll find yourself well-armed with this accessory.

Officially licensed for the exact look, this toy blaster is exactly what you need to help you achieve your objectives, or at least go in style to your costume party or convention.

Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster

When you want to take down a bit bounty, you need a big hunter. Youre not going to pick someone youve never heard of.

You want a real hunter, solid genetics. Someone that if, say, a group of people wanted to create a clone army might have been the principle subject.

They also note that you can recognize a significant player in the world of heroics or villainy by the equipment for which they are known. You know King Arthur by the singing sword.

You know Bilbo by his magic ring and Sting. So, it follows that any bounty hunter worth mentioning should also have a signature weapon!

Were of course speaking of the notorious bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away who fired blasts while jetpacking through the air and you can step into the same rolejet pack or nowith this Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster. This white and orange plastic gun looks exactly like the blaster Jango might have used, but it has a secret bonus.

While firing at your imaginary (or even your real) targets, you wont have to burn all your hunting energy shouting out your pew-pews! because the blaster will do it for you!

Firing off authentic sounding movie blaster sounds at each trigger pull, astound friends and enemies when you pull this epic blaster out of your cloak.

Die Cast 8 Shot Pistol

A Cowboys Best Friend Bring all the fun of the Wild West back when you have your very own 8 Shot Die Cast Toy Pistol. You can be an outlaw, a sheriff, a US marshal, a bounty hunter, a gunslinger, and so much more once you have this replica gun in your holster.

In the Wild West, every day was an adventure. You never knew what was going to come your way.

Whether you were a simple shopkeeper or a rough-riding cowboy, you always had to be prepared for whatever the Old West may throw your way. Back then, the best way to be prepared was to have a big iron on your hip.

If you or the kids are looking to play Cowboys or need something to complete a cowboy costume for Halloween, this Die Cast Toy Pistol is what youre looking for. Product Details This amazing replica is made out of die-cast metal.

The gun is black while the handle is brown. It measures to be approximately 7.

25inches long. We recommend that only those that are 6 years old and up use this toy.

8 shot ring caps can be used to give this toy a little extra BANG. However they are not included.


Double Holster and Gun Set

Stick 'Em Up! Have you ever watched a cowboy movie and thought, "Huh.

Two guns. Seems excessive.

" Au contraire! A cowboy is Cool with a capital C, and he needs accessories to match his living-legend persona.

Besides, those incredible shootouts while chasing people around on galloping horses would be a lot shorter if he ran out of options once he emptied his single six-shooter. The only thing left to do would be to try to throw the empty gun at the cattle rustler.

Product Details When you rope cows and chase bad guys for a living (or at least for Halloween), you'll find that this Set of Double Holster and Guns comes in handy! Two brown molded vinyl holsters studded with brass-tone rivets dangle from an adjustable belt.

It comes with two plastic guns to stash inside. You'll have to make the firing noises yourself.

Ride the Range Take a trip back to the Wild West with an awesome costume accessory! You can watch the deer and antelope play all day (when you're not eating Halloween candy.


Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster Gun

Starting Small Even amateur ghost hunters need a solid tool kit. But sometimes, it's best to leave some of the heavier hitters in reserves.

Especially if the greenhorn Ghostbuster is a child. Those proton packs are dangerous, after all.

Spengler and Stantz even continually reminded their adult teammates (and themselves) to watch it. In the hands of a child, well we can only assume total protonic reversal is bound to happen.

Luckily, your Ghostbuster prodigy is willing to learn how to hold their own with other tools first. Before gearing them up with the coveted proton pack, start with smaller hunting accessories like this Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster!

Product Details This costume prop is molded from lightweight colored plastics that make wielding it childs play. Print details, including stripes and the Ghostbusters logo giving it an officially licensed stamp of approval!

Extending from the tip of the blaster are two solid proton streams that spin when the device is powered on. Paired with their Ghostbusters costume and wild imagination, your child will be ready to catch any mischievous ghost or ghoul!

Master Blaster Has your child mastered wielding proton streams? Upgrade their Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster Accessory by adding it to our other available Afterlife costume props!

From a child-sized proton pack to ghost whistles, our selection will get them geared up with a proper ghost-busting arsenal!