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Black Handle Katana Foam Sword Accessory

Japan 1612 Imagine, for a moment that youre Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary samurai warrior from feudal times. A tall menacing man stands before you, eyes glaring at you.

Hes the most famous swordsman in all of Japan, Sasaki Kojiro. Hes got a mean look on his face, a sword in his hands and hes ready to duel.

You take a fighting stance. You give him an equally menacing scowl.

Hes about to learn why youre the best swordsman in all the land. Your reach for your weapon, a mighty boat oar?

Musashi managed to defeat his opponent using nothing but a boat oar in one of the most well-known duels in Japanese history. Of course, that doesnt exactly make for the most heroic look and if youre planning on dressing up like a samurai warrior, youre going to want a proper katana to go with your costume!

Product Details This toy katana has a realistic look, yet is made out of foam. It has a black handle and a silver metallic blade.

The center of the toy weapon is made of a rigid plastic core to ensure it keeps its form. When you pair it with one of our ninja or samurai costumes, youll feel like the ultimate warrior!

Legendary Two Swords Technique! Of course, we must remind you that this is just a toy replica of the iconic weapon.

Dont go challenging Sasaki Kojiro to a real duel, since he wont show you any mercy. And if you DO plan on dressing up as Miyamoto Musashi, be sure to get two katanas!


Bow and Arrow Indoor Set

Hood to Heroes It still hasn't happened! You'd think that with the huge technological advances, the bow and arrow would be completely obsolete, but it keeps showing up.

From the days of Sir Robin Hood to now, when every comic book publisher has a bow-wielding superhero, the bow has remained an iconic tool of brave warriors across time. Perhaps your child could become the next hero archer!

Of course, they'll need to practice their archery skills and this Indoor Bow and Arrow Set is the perfect way to get your little one started! Product Details This archery set comes with everything your child needs to practice their archery skills!

It comes with a plastic bow with an adjustable tension cord. It features a custom handle design and a built-in stability changer to help your child get comfortable using the bow.

It comes with 3 practice arrows with suction cup tips and a practice target. Just set the target up and you can begin the archery training with your child in no time!

Taking the Shot Against Villainy! This toy bow is a great way to get your child interested in archery, but it also makes for the perfect prop for aspiring superheroes and Renaissance-style rangers!

Just add it to their Robin Hood or superhero costume to make them feel tough enough to take on any villain!

Camouflage Pump Toy Shotgun

Lets Even The Odds When the bad guys are coming in waves and you cant keep up with your single shooter, then you know what time it is. If give up popped into your head, the exit is that way.

No, we dont give up. We take down the enemy with this awesome Camouflage Pump Shotgun!

All it takes is a handful of shots from this bad boy and things are suddenly in your favor. Whether youre playing Army or hunting bears in your backyard, this is the friend you want by your side.

It will also make an excellent addition to your Halloween costume. Go out as an expert in guerilla warfare, be the worlds greatest hunter, or dress up as a zombie apocalypse survivor all with the help of this shotgun.

Product Details The latest addition to your arsenal is made out of both wood and steel. Printed on the wood is a beautiful green and brown foliage camouflage.

At the end of the steel barrel is a plastic orange tip reassuring everyone that this is indeed simply a toy. The shotgun measures out to be approximately 30.

25inches long from end to end. It is complete with real pump action along with sound effects.


CLUE Wrench Prop Weapon

The Real Murder Mystery Daggers make sense as weapons. They're very sharp, and sharp things tend to cause a lot of bleeding when you stab someone with them.

Revolvers are obviously another understandable choice as a murder device. But a wrench?

First of all, who leaves wrenches lying around conservatories or ballrooms? Second of all, who passes up a dagger and decides to use a wrench to do their dirty work?

Product Details Show your commitment to the perfect crime - err, costume - with an officially licensed Wrench Weapon from CLUE! The exclusive eleven-inch accessory is made of durable polyurethane foam that has been cleverly painted to look like a weathered metal tool.

You'll have everyone thinking that you're a kind houseguest ready to fix a leaking pipe for your host, while you're actually a cold-blooded murderer! Whodunit?

Avoid detection and get away with your crime! The wrench will hopefully throw the detectives off of your trail so you can focus on embodying your colorful character.


Combat Hero Grenade

When you're in those trenches fighting for your life behind enemy lines with no hope of reinforcements and are quickly running out of bullets you don't just lie down, give up, and die! You're an action hero for goodness sake!

You're the modern warrior we've all come to idolize! You've been in worse situations than this.

Now let's check the surroundings. You've got a bunch of enemies coming at you from the warehouse and there's some sort of truck right next to them carrying what looks like rockets.

A bullet couldn't pierce them but if you had something to cause the initial explosion you just might be able to cause a chain reaction! Wait a minute!

You have your last grenade at your hip. Now to just lob it the inhuman distance from here to the grenade sized hole in the tarp on top of the truck that you can't even see from down in the trench and cause an explosion that would never realistically reach all the enemies but somehow defies physics and totally does in the coolest way possible.

You've got this!

DC Batman Bat Tech Gauntlet with Sound Effects

Lights! Sound!

Justice! Gear up and prepare to take on all of Gothams most wanted criminals.

Youll need your cowl, your yellow utility belt and also your very own Bat Tech Gauntlet! This amazing accessory will stop villainous activity in its tracks.

It is equipped with not only sound effects but also tons of classic Batman phrases at the push of a button. Those pesky criminals will be running back to their cells at Arkham Asylum in no time.

Become the bane of every villains existence with this high-tech accessory. Theyll know that you arent joking around.

Youre not wasting time with riddles. Nope.

Youre just getting straight to business and serving up hot plates of justice. Product Details This officially licensed Batman Gauntlet is made from molded plastic.

There are elastic straps that go around the forearm to keep it in place. It can be worn on either the right or left hand.

Lights and sound effects can be activated with the press of a button. There are over 15 different phrases and sounds.

The accessory requires 3 AAA batteries but the demo batteries are included. Become the hero the city needs when you complete your Dark Knight costume with this amazing Bat Tech!