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Adhesive Tape for Theater

For Want of a Beard Some of us arent blessed with the ability to grow facial hair as needed. Wouldnt it be delightful to wake up with a glistening handlebar mustache on the day you feel like dressing as a swaggering pirate, or find yourself with a luxuriant blonde beard when youre in a Viking-like mood?

It would certainly make getting ready for Halloween easier! Fortunately, you arent at the mercy of your hair follicles.

We have a product that can give you whatever scruff you need, whenever you need it! No, its not magic, but if you want to call us Master Sorcerers, thats totally fine.

Product Details No disguise is too difficult with Theatrical Adhesive Tape! If you need a quick beard, a Groucho Marx-esque nose, or even a gaping chest wound, this extra-sticky double-sided tape is perfect for your purposes.

Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick away!

Adult Axe Throwing Costume with Headpiece

Ahead of the curve When it comes to costumes and costume parties, there are quite a few staples. There are princesses, and cats, and vampires.

There are doctors, presidents and pop culture references. There are painfully forced puns and insultingly lazy costumes that are clearly a last-minute effort to fit in with the least effort possible.

"I'm dressed up as a guy who doesn't wear Halloween costumes!" Sure, Todd.


Whatever you say. We know you just wanted to wear your regular T-shirt and jeans.

Don't insult us. What we're saying is, there are so many options for costumes, you're sure to find something, but it's almost impossible to find something that hasn't been done before.

If you show up as a princess, no matter how meticulously you redesign your mother's old prom dress into Rapunzel's flowing gown, chances are Suzy is also going to be wearinghermom's old prom dress, andsheremembered a tiara. If you show up as a cackling villain in a purple suit with striking green accent pieces, you know Dwight is also going to be there in a purple suit, andheactually dyed his hair green to complete the look.

Standing out at a costume party is nearly impossible. If you're dying to be unique at your next party, why not try something totally random and off-the-wall?

Something that just makes no sense at all? Something that no one would ever really think about wearing and would never set out to find, but rather stumble onto on some costume selling website?

Something like..

. thisAdult Axe Throwing Costume!

Product Details You are basically guaranteed to be the only person at your next costume party dressed up like a bull's eye board with axes stuck onto it! This pullover tunic has a printed blue-and-red bullseye target, along with a silver axe buried into the front.

The board also features a cheeky pun printed across the bottom. in addition,there's another silver axe on a headband for you wear.

A perfect score Your last few Halloween costumes have been hit or miss. This Adult Axe Throwing Costume is sure to be a bullseye!


Adult Camera 35mm Film Costume

Say Cheese! Digital technology has pretty much taken over our culture.

Selfies, Instagram, the endless possiblities of the phone camera in your pocket..

.these photos are easy to take and fun to look through.

And phone cameras continue to get more and more sophisticated, featuring more than one lens to make sure every shot is the perfect shot. But it wasn't always so easy!

In ye olde ancient times, a photographer didn't know how their photos had turned out until they developed them. Dark rooms, developing solutions, and delicate film would work together to make a picture happen.

Whether you lived through the analog photography times or not, you can step into the past in this Camera Film Costume for Adults! Product Details This is a one step outfit, perfect for those who are looking for a low maintenance costume this year.

The roll of film has been adapted into a tunic design, with a bit of foam to hold the cylindrical shape. Simply pull the costume on over your head and put your arms and head through the provided holes.

Costume complete! We especially like the shiny end of film poking out of the front of the suit.

Even the printed graphics are true to the times, with exposure and sensitivity numbers. You are more than just a roll of filmyou're 35mm film!

Remember the Mystery Developing film could be a pain. Sometimes, the pictures weren't in focus, or fingers got in the way of the lens.

Things could go wrong in the dark room and ruin the film. But there was something exciting about it!

There was an air of mystery to photography that we don't have today. Celebrate that time of wonder wherever you wear this costume!

Oh, and be ready for selfie takers. They'll want (digital) pictures!


Adult Funny Big Nose Glasses Costume

Height of Hilarity When you were just 6 years old, you may have only stood about 4-feet tall, but if you walked into a room with a pair of funny nose glasses on your face you were the height of hilarity. Every on-purpose stumble and forced belch brought your siblings to their knees.

The adults giggled as you told them original jokes that made little to no sense. And even now, when you look back at the only picture they ever snapped of the disguise, a chuckle raises in your chest.

If we were to ask, youd probably tell us there was nothing that could beat the humor of that old dress-up accessory. However, you may start to believe otherwise when you try out this next-level comedy costume, inspired by the classic prop.

Product Details Return to the times that silly glasses were enough to put your family in stitches with this Adult Funny Nose Glasses Costume! Styled after Groucho Marks signature stage makeup, this simple costume is sure to become a classic in your Halloween wardrobe.

The costume is designed as an oversized hood in the shape of black horn-rimmed glasses and a large schnoz. Between the giant lenses, a mesh panel gives you a view of the world around you, so you wont miss a moment of the fun.

Two bushy eyebrows are attached to the top of the frames and an equally bushy toothbrush style mustache. Included plastic piping gives the headpiece a sturdy brim, so even while youre demonstrating your knack for slapstick, your hilarious costume will hold it together.

Funny Familiar Harness your inner comedian with this Funny Nose Glasses Costume for adults! Entertain guests at a Halloween party or remind your family how much fun dress-up time used to be, in that old familiar character.

All you might need to do is practice some classic vaudeville moves!

Adult Happy Green Cactus Costume

Natural Growth Youve never had the greenest thumb. When your mom asked you to watch her plants while she was away, they dried up and turned brown pretty much as soon as you got near them.

You tried to keep a spider plant alive, because a friend said it was easy, and you somehow managed to let it down before it even made it out of its cup of water and into a pot of soil. Then one day, you picked up a cactus.

The prickly little guy seemed to be asking for a challenge and you wanted to try your hand at making something grow one more time. You paid a little more attention to it than most recommended, but you never over moistened the soil and made sure it got a proper amount of sunlight.

With a bit of surprise, you watched that cactus flourish into a tall and straight stalk, it even sprouted two little buddies to keep it company. Product Details Show off your practiced hand with this Happy Cactus Costume for Adults.

The tunic style costume is designed to look just like a proud cactus standing erect in its terracotta pot. Plastic spines are attached to the stiff green foam pullover to give the cactus a natural look while two smaller circular cactuses rest on either side of the main stalk.

The costume is completed with an appliqued label that lets everyone know the exotic breed of cactus you were able to raise! Growing Strong Some people may not understand why youre so proud of keeping a single cactus alive.

But when they catch sight of this Happy Cactus Costume that represents the little guy you keep safe at home, they may just figure it out. Or at the very least, they may have a few ideas on how best to keep that member of your family growing for years to come.


Adult Pixel 8 Tuxedo Shirt

Video game characters throw the greatest parties. What?

You've never been? You have GOT to go sometime.

Of course, you can't get into one without a rocking tux, and not the kind you get at a fancy designer suit shop. You need to go old school; we're talking 8-bit.

This pixel tuxedo, is just the thing that the Italian plumber ordered. We know, because he shops here.