Vampire Accessories

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Fun World Professional Cream Makeup - White

Those vampires in the movies and everything can make such a terrible image for us to follow. It has us all convinced that just a couple weeks of not seeing sunlight at all will have us as pale as the moonlight we thrive in.

The reality of it is that we just can't do that. Those celebrity vampires have been hanging out in the crypts for centuries on end to get that look, and even then they use tons of camera tricks combined with a little Photoshop, and CGI.

It sets a bad image for everyone. There is a way to help you achieve this look even if you're a newborn vampire, or even if you're still a human.

Try this professional grade white cream makeup. Soon you'll be just as pale as any of those Hollywood vampires without the long and grueling process of laying in bed surrounded by complete darkness for days on end.

Actually that might not sound half bad either..


Fun World Theatrical Blood

Planning on dressing up as a creature of the night this Halloween? Well then youre going to need to get bloody!

Dont waste your time plotting out a heist at the nearest blood bank when you can just as easily grab a few tubes of this Theatrical Blood! Its super easy to apply and its not real blood that would just be downright disgusting and, not to mention, quite unsanitary.

Now then, decide whether you want to be a vicious vampire, a lone werewolf, or a starving zombie. Grab this Theatrical Blood and make it appear as if youve just taken a juicy bite out of your last victim!

You can even smear it on your hands and arms to add even more terror to your disguise. Dont be surprised if some are weary of letting you enter their home with this realistic blood covering you.

Just assure them that youve had your fill for the night and you just want to hit the dance floor!

Girl's Vampire Wig

We know how it is. A young vampire heads out for a late night snack, but just doesn't have the time to do her hair before she steps outside of her creepy castle.

And finding a hairstylist available that late at night? Not going to happen.

And before you ask, Why does it matter what your hair looks like when you are going out to find a drink of blood?, hear us out.

What if the cute, local vampire boy is out for a late-night snack, too? And he just happens to be where you were going to go?

Wouldnt you want to look your best? We thought so.

This Gothic style wig makes the whole situation moot, since all it takes is a few seconds to have great hair for a night of blood sucking. This synthetic hair wig is perfect for any girls vampire costume this Halloween.

This child wig has red streaks and is attached to a mesh net for a comfortable fit!

Graftobian Deluxe Fake Blood Gel

Bloody Scary, It Is! Blood is really quite an amazing thing.

It carries the oxygen to the rest of your body and it even helps regulate body temperature. You need it to keep on living, which is why the mere sight of it is often a frightening experience.

Thats also why creating the illusion of blood can turn an eerie costume into a truly terrifying one. Fake blood really does take a lot of costumes to the next level.

When you add it to a vampire costume, it instantly makes you look as though youve just finished feeding on your latest victim. When you add it to a zombie costume, you can use it to accentuate those ghoulish gashes and wounds.

You can also use it to make yourself look like the latest murder victim in a horror movie! Product Details This deluxe blood gel makeup has a professional look and is easy to use.

Just use it with a standard makeup brush (not included) or apply it directly to your skin. It creates a vibrant blood look that can be added to any of our scary costumes.

When youre all done, just use soap and warm water to quickly and easily remove it. No need for special makeup removers!


Graftobian Deluxe Vampire Face Makeup Kit

Make Vampires Scary Again Vampires used to be scary. You could confidently walk into the latest vampire movie and fully expect to shriek with terror at the mere sight of the vampire.

These days, vampires are eerily attractive. We dont know exactly when it happened, but vampires in the movies these days look like a person you might meet at an alt music concert.

They have perfectly swept hair, a brooding look in their eyes, and slightly pale skin. We want the freaky vampires back!

We want the kind of vampires who look like ravenous fiends from a horror film. We want the ultra-pale skin with eerie black shading around their eyes.

We want blood trickling down their chin. We want to make vampires scary again!

Product Details This deluxe vampire makeup kit should help you create the kind of bone-chilling vampire style youve always dreamed of. It comes with everything you need to complete a ghastly makeup look, including a crme foundation, 4 crme color contour shades, an eye lining pencil, a makeup brush, blood gel and face powder.

It also comes with a powder puff and sponges to help with application. Full color instructions help you make the most of the kit.


Viper Vampire Mask for Adults

Our pal, Joey, was going on and on and on about how scary vampires are; we had to disagree. Vampires are actually kind of endearing if you--AHHHH!

Holy Transylvania! What is that thing?


OK. We take it back.

Some vampires are scary. Very scary.

When we saw this thing coming at us, we didnt know what to do. This definitely doesnt look like a vampire a little garlic would fend off.

So if you are wanting to ensure that your vampire costume is indeed (very) scary this year, this Viper Vampire Mask can make that happen. Our heart is still racing from seeing it.

It has pale, deadened skin and extra long, bloody fangs, not to mention its gross black hair--so you can elicit screams wherever you go this Halloween. So, Joey, here it is on the record: we were wrong.

Some vampires are pure terror. Just dont get used to it.

Were usually only wrong once every 100 years or so.