Walking Dead

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Bloody Butcher Cleaver Prop

Before anyone insinuates that your cleaver is in any way violent, have a few innocent uses in mind. Remind any police officer who inspects your belongings and finds the bloody cleaver that plenty of chefs and butchers use cleavers.

How does he know that you aren't just one of those guys? It's perfectly socially acceptable to have a bloody cleaver in your briefcase, isn't it?

Well, maybe that conversation wouldn't actually go over that well. Policemen aren't usually known for their sense of humor.

How do we know what's socially acceptable? We're selling bloody cleavers for goodness sake!

This makes a sweet accessory for Halloween or for any zombie pub crawls you might be participating in. Just don't bring it to jury duty, even if you're trying to get out of it.

You might find yourself getting a better seat in the courtroom than you bargained for.

Fun World Professional Black Cream Makeup

We can't argue with it. Halloween is a pretty dark holiday.

People get scared all the time, it takes place at night, and there are dead people all over the place! We're pretty sure it's the darkest holiday out there (We mean, have you seen Nightmare Before Christmas?

) Just watch any Tim Burton film and you'll understand what Halloween looks like. In fact, that reminds us of something.

You're probably going to need a lot of black makeup to create the best look for the dismal festivities. Why not go pro with it with this Professional Black Cream Makeup for your next zombie outfit?

This cream provides a perfect base to really cast shadows where they need to be and contrast anything else you wear. Grab some white makeup and shade this is for a great fresh from the crypt corpse look!

CAUTION: makeup can stain fabrics, so be careful when applying it and until it dries. We recommend wearing old clothing such as a t-shirt and old shorts when applying and waiting to put on the rest of your costume.


The Walking Dead Rick Grimes' Machete Prop

This is aThe Walking Dead Rick's Machete Prop.

The Walking Dead V2 Barnacle Walker Mask

The Bitten Being bitten doesn't have to be the end of the world! Just think about it.

You can do plenty of great things as a walker. You can aimlessly wander around in fields with a large group of your friends.

You can feast on the flesh of the living. You can make strange grumbling noises at Rick.


Alright, so maybe that doesn't sound so great for anyone with a pulse, but you can get the full zombie experience without the zombie bite! This Dead Barnacle Walker Mask is officially licensed from The Walking Dead series and it has astounding detail that will make you fit in with all of the other walkers out there!

Product Details No bites necessary! This Walking Dead mask does an amazing job capturing the look of the walkers from the hit AMC series.

The mask is molded out of natural latex and has plenty of fake barnacles sculpted right on the sides and the front. The mouth has a rubbery jaw, complete with a set of realistic-looking teeth.

The paint job will have you looking like something that washed up from the sea coast. It's the perfect start to any Walking Dead zombie costume!