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Adult Gold Theatrical Egyptian Wings

Setting the Scene Making your entranceis easy when you're graced with wings. Mata Hari was great at making an entrance.

When she went to balls she often showed up ina corseteddress with a shockinglytight skirt that gave her a dramatic hourglass figure paired with exotic hairpins and jewelry. And when she walked onto the stage, a hush would fall over the audience.

She gave her dance dignity with accessoriesthat brought the buttoned-up officials in the audience out of their element. With a golden snake headdress, silk draping skirts, and bejeweled bodices she brought the mysterious ways of the east to Europe at a time when society was tense and gray.

These wings would be right up Mata Hari's wardrobing alley! Product Details These wings are a bright gold with narrow pleats that let you fold your cape together with ease.

Handles at the sides make it easy to expand the gold material to its full potential. Flight of Fancy Are you looking to find a look that will make you stand out in a Mardi Gras parade?

Maybe you are simply searching for an accessorythat'll let your Cleopatra costume stand out from any imposters. Or perhaps you simply want to get into the music festival spirit like the golden bird you always knew you were inside.

Maybe all three of these circumstances will come to sooner or later. Either way, these golden wings deserve a spot in your costume wardrobe.

We might not live in a time of Cleopatras, Mata Haris, or Lady Godivas(the reigning queen of the grand entrance) but you can bring the grand entrance back into fashion again. These golden wings demand it!


Adult Heart-Shaped Wings Accessory Kit

Love Is in the Air All the legends about Cupid say that he has wings, because love has the power to fly to you out of thin air. The same is true about his helpers!

If you're a romantic at heart who can't help wishing for happy endings, you sound like just the sort of accomplice that Cupid needs. Congratulations: You've earned your wings!

Product Details Have a heart and wear this sweet Heart-Shaped Wings Accessory Kit! The exclusive costume accessory stays on your shoulders thanks to comfortable elastic straps, so you can wear it with street clothes or a special outfit.

Made of red chiffon stretched around wire frames, each wing is shaped like one large and one small heart. A red felt heart joins them in the middle.

Love Your Outfit Share the love and wear these cute wings to your next Halloween or Valentine's Day gathering! We guarantee that they'll set some hearts aflutter.


Adult Marabou Trimmed Feather Angel Wings

knocking on heaven's door You've been on hold with Saint Peter's office for months now, trying to set meetings and follow-ups. You've met up for coffee, you've borrowed a conference room and set up a power point, you even invited him over for a small supper of the Saint'sfavorite food, loaves and fishes.

But as much as he seems to enjoy your get-togethers, he still refuses to give you angel wings before you "go beyond the veil." He says you'll have to wait until you get your own cloud and you have to fly there from heaven's main hub.

Cause while we romanticize angel wings, they really just have wings for sky-born commuting. Sure, it's a lot more fun than traveling by car, but there's no way you can get a set before you move on.

In the meantime, you might as well practice your angelic look with these gorgeous set of angel wings. product details These lightweight Marabou Trimmed Feather Angel Wings are 16" long and span 24" wide, and are held to your torso via elastic shoulder straps.

Are you ready to be asked if it hurt when you fell from heaven? We're not endorsing that pick-up line, but we know you need to expect it.


Adult Rainbow Wings

Bring the Good Times People have probably told you before that you have a "colorful personality." You might have a unique sense of humor, get a lot of enjoyment out of little things, and have something interesting or unexpected to say at any event.

You bring a lot of life to a party, but people might not always know how colorful your personality really is until you open your mouth. Why not let them know in advance?

Product Details Show your true colors with a set of Rainbow Wings for Adults! The wings are made of a stiff frame covered by hundreds of small feathers in shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, red and purple.

Elastic shoulde bands keep them securely strapped to your back. Rainbow Connection Are you planning an angel, fairy, or Cupid outfit?

Do you just want to bring a little spice to an otherwise normal day? These wings are your solution!

$16.99 $14.99

Adult's Satan Wings

Demonic Day Trip Are you ready to take an evil flight of fancy? Good news, we hear hell is opening its gates for the evening on Halloween night.

If you look the part, you just might be able to join demons and minions in their mischevious adventures. Join the demon Ardad who leadstravelers astray on trips.

Or you might partner up with Pruflas who's all about spreading lies and fake news. What's your demonic style?

Slip these wings on and decide for yourself. There's a whole evil world out there to explore.

Details & Design These red wings are key to your DIY Satan costume. Made by Us, you can be sure these wings will last longer than your standard pair.

The soft fabric has seams throughout for a stunning look from any angle. Pull on the stretchy shoulder straps and you'll have a comfortable finish to any devilish ensemble!

Bring on the Brimstone Are you ready to take on your new demonic style? These wings are sure to amp up your Halloween costume.

Choose from any of our other devilish looks to create the demon costume that suits you perfectly! This Halloween cast asideyour halo and let your devilish side fly free!


Angel Costume Wings and Halo

Your next Halloween costume: guardian angel! It's a one, two, and you're done kind of costume, tooperfect for those inevitable procrastinations and busy nine-to-five lifestyles.

When you're pressed for time, need a quick and easy costume, and must look heavenly, this is your savior. Or perhaps you're someone else's savior?

That's right, this heavenly Angel Wings and Halo set will instantly transform you into some poor soul's guiding light! The white marabou halo comes with an attached headband, the synthetic wings come with attached elastic bands, and watch the punch bowls, because these angelic wings measure 21 inches tall by 19 inches wide.

Snap on our Angel Wings and Halo and you'll be perfectly equipped to flutter around whoever you choose to save. Don't be afraid, eitherthis can only end well!