Winnie The Pooh Costumes

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Piglet Pajama Costume

Do you remember dreaming of opening up the giant book about the Hundred Acre Wood and imagining being just like Christopher Robin, able to navigate the strange quasi-real passages from our humdrum lives and into the strange forest where, impossibly, a kangaroo, tiger, bear, pig, owl, donkey, and rabbit all managed to not only live in the same habitat but function as friends? Its an impossible fantasy that is unlike any other because it isnt just a place of wonder and it isnt a place of rampant adventure and thrilling conquest.

It is a place of comfort! And, that is an especially good thing for one of the local denizens: Piglet.

The poor pink guy isnt one for the adventurous lifestyle that Tigger would prefer the Hundred Acre Wood to become. He likes things simple.

Friendly. Quiet.

Like a nice nap in the afternoon sun. Amidst the dangerous adventure and freakish terror that is common in this season of spooky strange, sometimes it might be nice to take that different angle, to learn from innocent little Piglet, and just wrap up in the comfy land of Christopher Robins friends.

And thats precisely what you can do this year by stepping pretty literally into Piglets own form with this officially licensed Piglet Pajama costume. A pink fleece jumpsuit with button up front and brilliant magenta midsection gives you the cozy look of Piglet and the over-sized fit ensures that it will be snuggly soft for you when youre ready to slip into the dreamland of the Hundred Acre Wood.

If it is too bright or you need to give your look the extra flare, pull up the Piglet character hood and transform more fully. While we cannot promise that youll wake up next to the motherly Kanga or wizened Owl, we can assure that youll never know comfort quite like this.


Winnie the Pooh Adult Tigger Deluxe Costume

Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh, sure does have a ton of energy. It seems like he really has no limits when it comes to leaping and bounding through Hundred Acre Wood like a party animal.

Wouldnt it be great if you could harness that kind of energy and add it to your everyday life? Why, youd have enough time to hop around the block a few times, clean the bathroom and do the dishes, all before you even sit down to have breakfast.

Unfortunately, even a shot of espresso probably cant give you that kind of energy! The good news is, this Tigger costume for adults can at least make you LOOK like Tigger, even if youll never quite have the level of energy of the Disney character.

This licensed Tigger costume is a deluxe outfit styled to look like your favorite bouncing feline friend. The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has the orange and black stripes of a wild tiger.

It also has a matching headpiece that has a sculpted plush rendition of Tiggers face on top. Elastic bands around the wrists and feet make sure the costume stays snug on you while you frolic around with Pooh Bear.

You might find yourself bouncing around the neighborhood like a cartoon character, so you may want to give your neighbors a warning about your newfound look! Be sure to check out our other Winnie the Pooh themed costumes to get a costume group going of your favorite storybook characters.