Wolf Costumes

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Girl's Wolf Cub Costume

Did she crawl out of the wolves den to come to the big party? Then we better get her something appropriate to wear!

No one's going to want to hang out with a shaggy gray wolf who hasn't been properly groomed, and odds are we're guessing she's going to want to look a little "howl couture" to boot. Let's get her suited up in this girl's wolf cub costume.

We're sure that she won't have any trouble upgrading her fur to this number! This fun and funky dress costume has signature details that will let her look like a l'il wolf cub on the prowl.

(On the prowl for trick-or-treats!) A delightful velour long sleeved dress is the base of this ensemble, and it's accented with faux fur for a true wolf's touch.

A plaid tafetta hemline ruffle adds some fashion flair, and when she adds the clip-on tail and matching faux fur hood headpiece, she's going to feel like her roar just got a serious upgrade. When she goes in this stylish wolf cub costume, we're not sure if she's going to become leader of the pack, but we're guessing that she will have a whole lot of fun hunting after those chocolate candy bars!


Wolf Bubble Costume for Infant/Toddler

CHOOSE YOUR TALE It seems that the tricky wolf is a featured character in just about all of our folk tales and nursery stories (whether they rhyme or not). Of course, the wolf doesn't usually play that idyllic a role.

Knocking down houses with its mighty howl just to chase piglets from place to place or taunting gals in red hoods with cryptic answers while playing disguise after breaking into their grandmother's house? Hardly the kind of behavior we would call fitting for a good little wolf!

That said, we're pretty sure the wolf is usually just pulling all sorts of pranks and throwing tantrums for the fun of it. Really, if we could break down walls just by shouting, we'd probably be doing that, too!

Still, it would be nice to calm that big bad wolf down a bit. Sometimes even the characters we love the heck out of justlove to go screaming around the place like a wild animal!

Perhaps you can see where we're going with this..

. DESIGN & DETAILS Give that lovable wild critter of yours a reason to howl and spin the tale the other way with this exclusive Wolf Bubble Costume.

Our imaginative designers have brought together the best stories and highest quality materials to ensure that this gray bodysuit is soft, warm, and perfectly adorable. The stuffed bottom gives the suit a fuller look while the attached headpiece features soft teeth and practically gleaming yellow eyes.

The hand and shoe covers transform your kiddo's paws intoclaws, but you might end up only focusing on the smile of your tyke's face when they're stalking around the house. TIME TO HUFF AND PUFF You'll be pleasantly reminded that homes, these days, aren't constructed of twigs and straw when your kiddo practices their howling in this Wolf Bubble Costume.

Just remember that wolves are pretty easy to quiet down so long as you give them a nice run and offer up a snack every now and then.