Zombie Props

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36 Grave Danger Prop Accessory

Take a Different Shortcut The cemetary is peaceful most of the time, with quiet graves and memorials. But on Halloween night, it's a different story entirely.

Let's just say that you don't want to risk the welcome committee! Product Details Ordinarily, a sight like this 36 Inch Grave Danger Prop would be a sign to run away fast, but in this case, it just means that you've come to the right place for a great Halloween party!

The realistic-looking prop resembles the head, torso, and arms of a shriveled corpse, complete with an open button-down and dirty blonde synthetic hair.


Grave Buster Bob Prop Accessory

Is the Funeral Over Already? Some of the unquiet dead just can't accept the fact that their time in the sun is (literally and figuratively) done.

Take this guy, for example. He's been buried and yet he still keeps clawing his way back to the surface.

Take a hint, buddy! Product Details Add some haunting humor to your yard this year with a Grave Buster Bob Prop!

The realistic-looking decoration resembles the head, torso, and arms of a shriveled corpse. Brown synthetic hair is attached to its head and its open mouth looks a little surprised.


Half Body Zombie with Red Eyes

This is an exclusive Half Body Zombie with Red Light.

Head in a Jar

Look, how this head got in that jar is not important. Youre into your own stuff, and we respect that about you.

Some people are into scrapbooking, others are into butterfly collecting, and you just happen to be into killing zombies and saving their heads in jars as trophies. You gotta be free to be who you are!

We get it! But were gonna say this, and were only going to say it once - that Head in a Jar better be off the kitchen table in five seconds, or were gonna straight up lose it.

We spent all day slaving over a hot stove to cook you a romantic meal, and then you just come in here and ruin our appetites with that decapitated head and its bulging eyes. Youve been staring at that exposed brain and tongue so much that you havent even noticed that we got all dressed up and made it nice!

So unless you wanna go to bed with that thing - and were gonna be honest, if thats true, then youve got major problems and we need to sit down and have a real serious talk - then you better add it to the mantle with the other ones and then get back here and give us the attention we deserve, or it's back outside to sleep with those zombies all night for ya!

Life Size Zombie Foot

A Burial Blunder The world of zombie lore offers many a way to dispatch the dead once the hallowed eve is passed. Unfortunately, it's hard to tellwhich version of undead hunting is going to be true!

A bash to the brain seems to be a safe way to go until you realize that they're hardlyusing them, so why would that even be a bother!?

A safer bet is a full burial. If they're not smart enough to open up a door, surely they aren't going to figure out which direction to dig.

The only issue is remembering to buryevery part. Otherwise, you can run into a real worry!

Product Details That's sort of what happened with this Zombie Life Size Foot. We planted all our zombie buddies in for the season and we've got this realistic-looking zombie stump still hanging around.

The Halloween prop is designed to look like a rotter went and lost a limb while wandering, even including bits of bone and a paint job that makes it look deeply damaged. We'repretty sure it can't go anywhere without the rest of its body, so it should be safe to spark some scares in any spooky scene you want to create!


Life Size Zombie Hand

Let Me Give You a Hand Believe it or not, life as a zombie actually has some perks. For one thing, brains are delicious.

They mature with age, and the thoughts of the unwilling donor add unique flavor. But we digress.

For another thing, nobody asks a zombie to join them on a 5K "just for fun." Everyone knows that zombies don't move faster than a dragging shuffle!

These things kind of make up for the occasional inconvenieces of zombie life, such as the fact that occasionally a body part just falls right off. That's always a bummer.

Product Details Hands up if you love Halloween decorations! This Life Size Zombie Hand is so authentic, it's scary.

The molded fake hand's "flesh" is pale from decay. A bloody bone stump pokes out at the wrist to show where it dropped off of the zombie's body.

More bone bits poke out from the fingers and upper wrist. Bloody gashes complete the gory appearance!